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Nyadol Nuon wrote in this morning’s Melbourne Age, ‘We all live parts of our lives stepping up to the "world". What I learned from the lockdown was to step down into myself. The philosopher and poet David Whyte writes about the act of living as a series of invitations to have certain conversations, with ourselves, at different stages and thresholds of our lives. He calls this the "conversational nature of reality".

There is a Reality that is Peace itself, a reality that puts us in touch with our real self and with others, a reality that enables us to live a rich and alive life in the life that is often stereotyped and less alive than it could be. We can come to the end of our lives and say ‘We existed.’ Or we can come to the end and say, ‘I lived life with spirit.’

If you have been raised in a religious mindset, you may be happy to learn that there is nothing that is more pleasing to God than you being yourself. The attempt to be who you are under the law and in religion is to live as a worker and a slave. The delight in being you in Christ is to be a son/daughter who is progressing from glory to glory – as you.


New birth is not just about sin. Our new birth enables us to grow into our design and our destiny in new covenant oneness with Christ. This is a process of maturation. Some may call it sanctification. What it is, is growing into who you really are as a son/daughter of God.


We live in the now and the not yet. In Christ we have stepped into a holistic life in which He is us. Incarnation means that we are imbued with the trinity. While we have stepped into union with God we live in a body and a world that is very much the the knowledge of good and evil. This is why we speak the good news to the un-believer and teach the Real Gospel to Believers who have been caught in the web of mixed and perverted gospels. Our real life is in Christ. Reality is Christ. We press into who we are in Christ.


As a Believer you live in grace. But none of us have the right to invent our own truth or teach bent gospels to others. Why? Because truth is life.

What is being born again? It’s Christ being us rather than ‘we being us’. When Jesus is called the First Born of the new creation that is what He is. As the representative of all of us Jesus is the new human who lives in God. Because Jesus is us we are alive in the Last Adam.


We can modify this if we like and see Jesus as the Igniter of a list of holy doings. But this is to make Him far less than He is and results in our becoming much less than we are. Moses’ list and any contrived list is always finite, usually partisan and often arrived at to earn belonging with God and an identity with man.

But you already belong.

You are already in God and already a son. The key manifestation of the Spirit of God is you. It’s called Christ come in the flesh: Yours.


Once born again you are no longer a sinner by identity. But you do sin. We all do. In Jesus we are washed and changed from the inside. You will not stop sinning when you come to Christ. Theologies that deny this are specious. But in Christ who is your life, sin is not the issue. Christ is the issue. You are growing in sonship because He has come in your flesh. Jesus is alive in your flesh. Your flesh is indwelt and sanctified by His interwoveness in you. His life appears in you because He is your life in Adam’s body of death is not your life. Jesus is your life. You become more alive as a person and more free of degradations and sins.


Agree that Christ is in you and that Christ is your life. This opens the door to His grace, rest and spirit/ life. Our roles is just ‘to be’ in God. Here we are formed in to our real self – not in Adam but in Christ.


Should we live from the law or in some mixture of law and spirit, we can expect a battle between the Adamic and Christ life. Christ delivers us from this split personality that Paul calls ‘this body of death.’ You have a Sabbath rest in Christ which is the peace and contentment of being that is yours in being who God made you to be in Christ. There is a challenge. But the challenge is to agree that Christ is your life and that the old Adamic life is not you.

We are one with Christ in the post cross age but the lie still surfaces.


Rebirth is a completed fact for all humanity in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. New Creation is God’s work, not man’s! Do you remember the words of Paul? “All things have become new.”

“New Creation rebirth has nothing to do with any of us. All things have become new because Jesus Christ, the New Man, marks the beginning of the new creation. It’s all about Him. He was born again. We are born again only in Him. We cannot believe our way into it, we can only see that it is so, and thank God for it.
” (1)

Agree with Christ. Rest in your union with God that Jesus has achieved for you. Resting is your work. Being yourself in Christ is Christ working in you.

‘By the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect.’ 1 Cor 15.10 NIV.

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (p. 86). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.