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“The prodigal son was never less than a son. He just missed out on the benefits of the sonship that had always been his.” (2)


We are baptised into Christ. With faith in Christ we are saved whether or not we are a Christian cult or a sect. Yet if our vision is warped because we do not walk in the light but in the ‘dark light’ of ‘another gospel’ we will be less than we are. Some travel in a cattle wagon when they are entitled to a first class seat. We may be in for a pleasant shock when we get to be with Jesus and find that we girded our loins with humbug instead of life.

‘In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind’ John 1.4 NIV. We can live this and see this if we don’t close our eyes.


It was the days of ‘The Seekers’ and ‘Peter, Paul and Mary’. I recall a bunch of students getting together to play folk songs and love songs on the concourse outside the dormitory at the Christian college I attended. People gathered to join the fun of the singalong. One theology student spoke against it, urging that we sing Christian Choruses instead of these pop songs.

I knew then that he had missed the boat; knew that for him, ‘religion’ had obscured the truth that God was incarnated in all of life and not so much in religion.

Not surprisingly, he left God altogether later in life, as such folks often do. The disjunction between religion and genuine life inevitably affronts the human spirit and people choose life instead of religion.

With Christ as our life we have can have God and life in abundance. We will be alive in spirit now and inherit eternal life.

Paul urges all to reject ‘other gospel’ because they attract a curse. The curse is a shrivelled life devoid of the spirit and life that is ours in oneness with God.

We can be part of perverse religion as members of the Body of Christ. Just as important as belonging is knowing the truth that sets us free and living in the inheritance that is ours – all of it rather than some rheumy version of the compartmentalised life that is a continuation of the Adam’s Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil.


Later in life a ‘woke’ pastor told a tale about he and his Son out on the lake on a catamaran on a windy day. As they were speeding along on one keel the son shouted. ‘Dad, Jesus would have enjoyed this!’ He would have.

There is no dualism in God. To live dualism is to live a mistaken religion and a lesser life.

God’s life here is not some effete existence filled with pious sissies. There are folks who think God takes a dim view of everyday life. At best they lead a warped existence. At worst many of them are cripples who give God a bad name by being themselves.

There is no sacred and secular in the Kingdom of God. Either you live, move and have your being in God or you don’t.


The faith of Christ and the apostles is much superior to the degenerate austerity culture that presents itself as Christianity in some segments of the church. Fortunately we have apostolic teachers who contend like Paul for the faith once delivered to God’s people.


In some cases this faith has been lost sight of, in many instances it has never been lived. In some cases it has been perverted by supposed additional revelations. These viruses have spread confusion and spiritual death where life could have been. They are the ‘other gospels’ of which Paul spoke. It’s no big deal to be part of Christ’s garden if someone has sprayed “Round-Up” on you.

The truth is you are with God, in God and God is with you everywhere. The trinity is woven into your being and your mission is to release this unlimited God-Life where you are.


“(The Trinity) means that God is not some remote, unknowable Deity, a prisoner in His aloofness or shut up in His solitariness, but on the contrary, the God who will not be without us whom He has created for fellowship with Himself, the God who is free to go outside of Himself, to share in the life of His creatures and enable them to share in His own eternal Life and Love.

It means that God is not limited by our feeble capacities or incapacities, but that in His grace and outgoing love He freely and joyously condescends to enter into fellowship with us, to communicate Himself to us, and to be received and be known by us. Moreover, the doctrine of the Holy Trinity means that God does not surrender His transcendence in condescending to be one with us in Jesus Christ, but it does mean that the more we are allowed to know God in Himself in this way the more wonderful we know Him to be, a God who infinitely exceeds all our thoughts and words about Him, but who in spite of that reveals Himself tenderly and intimately to us through His Son and His Spirit.” (1)

God reveals Himself in the person of Jesus and the Spirit in whom we are and where we are. Joe, Maud and Claud are sons/daughters of God by creation, redemption and by destiny. Jesus is the alpha and omega of God and the alpha and omega of you. To live in Jesus is to be a daughter/son who in union with God and in union with you and life as life.

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