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With Christ as our life, we are alive to the realisation of our real self. Positioned in the womb of the law, you can come to the end of your life without becoming more than a muffled self. Christ your life is not contained in categories. He is life. The reality of Kingdom life is not found in words other than in the Living Word. It’s found in Jesus, in persons, community and being.

Life and truth is found as you in God and God in you and God in the community of the saints. John asserts this when he says that the foundation of the Kingdom is ‘Christ come in our flesh’ and Paul declares it when he uses the words, ‘Christ our life.’


We are not alive when Christ is not our life. This is why as fundamentalists we can try really hard to be Godly by specific ‘doings’ yet, be so devoid of spiritual life that we are a parody of what we strove to be as ourselves. This is also why the law cannot create life and why Jesus can. One is an abstraction and the other is a person who becomes us by His Spirit.

Let’s be clear. By attaching to one element of the law we are joined to all of it – all of the law as a way of being. ‘Law’ is more than Mosaic. It is Adamic. Fortunately, we are not totally dead even if we have not divested ourselves of this body of death. We live in the reality of the Kingdom of grace and drops of life do get through. But we are living as dry creeks when we could be living as rivers of living water. We are not rivers because we have a ministry or a mission. We are ministers of living water as ministers of new covenant spirit and life.

Let us never deny ourselves fullness of life in this life because we devoted our lives to maintaining our received ideas.


The Self by which I mean your spirit is what you were born with. It is created at conception and is the essential you. You can try to enhance ‘the self’ by adopting all kinds of externalities but you do this in vain. You may acquire an identity by various behaviours and acquisitions but your real identity is the you who came into the world and the you who will go out of it.

The self is nurtured by spirit and truth and stunted by iniquity and lies.

This is why the soul, which is the container of the Spirit must be formed in God and nourished in the womb of the trinity so that the house of the self, promotes our glory and not our emotional disease.


“[Jesus] tells them that Ultimate Reality is “not here and not there,” taking us away from our typical attachment to time. “For the Ultimate Reality is ‘within you’!” (Luke 17:21).

If you let people concentrate too much on special times, feasts, services, and seasons, they forget it is always now and here when God happens. They stop living in the naked now and wait for Christmas or Easter, Sunday morning, or some far-off future day of enlightenment (see Colossians 2:16–19). (1)

The you whom God created and redeemed is the you who is unencumbered by any accomplishment other than the discipline of grasping our uni0n with God. We can come to the end of our lives with little glory because we buried the talent of our real self in the ground, telling Jesus that He was a hard man expecting that He could be our life when we obsessed over fashioning a self from the law and by our own by serious effort.


The self is who we are having realised and applied the truth that ‘I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. Any other self is a shadow of the real.

God is not contained in times or places. But He does inhabit you and you are woven into God’s being which is the fellowship of the trinity. God is in your present time and space which gives you the capacity to be holy as God is holy. As a son/daughter you impart spirit, life and joy to any and every situation. This of course is you as an agent of the new creation.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See (p. 76). The Crossroad Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.