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There’s a variety of death masquerading as life that Jesus described as a paddock of tares. The people rooted in this soil hope to be sons of God but are actually sons of the Evil One.

These are not wicked people. Just sons and daughters who have been robbed of their life by a sophisticated lie.


Our mission at
Christ Your Life, has never been a mere discussion of doctrine. But we do aim to teach facts about God and our relationship to God as a result of who God is and what God has achieved for us in Christ. Our gospel is that of Jesus and the apostles.

The fall was caused by a distortion of the truth. The new creation has come about because Jesus Christ lived out the truth that is God and humanity. The truth about God and the truth about us is found in Jesus Christ. It's not just in any christ. Truth is the Christ of God.


Our mission at Christ our Life, is to draw those who live in a limited life in God into the entirety of His life. We don’t subscribe to a glass half empty of kingdom life because that would mean a glass half full of death.


We can belong to the Body and be poor. The claim that all who take Christ’s name belong to the Body of Christ is correct. But this does not mean we are living in the fullness of Christ or even in His Gospel. We may be shuffling along in ‘another gospel.’ It’s great to be a functioning organ in the Body. Better than being a tumour.


‘Belonging’ of itself does not equate to fullness of life. A youth can belong to a family and be a delinquent.

What if our ‘christ’ is a false christ and not at all the Christ of God, of the scriptures or the Council of Nicaea?

What if our gospel is neither Christ’s Gospel or the Gospel of the apostles but some variation that robs the word ‘gospel’ of meaning?

Belonging is not always sufficient of itself. A family member can have a disease that negates her personhood and hollows out any real fellowship with others.

An organ can belong in the human body yet become distorted by a disease. A tumour may exist in the body and be draining it of life.


When talking of sound doctrine Stephen Morrison observes that, “
Statements of truth do not contain truth in themselves but point away from themselves to the truth that they indicate. If I say, “The house is blue,” this is obviously true only if the house is actually blue. The statement itself is inadequate if it does not point beyond itself to a truth in reality. If the house were not blue, my statement would be nonsense. Statements of truth are dependent upon the truth of their statements.” (1)


Thus reliance on being part of the Body of Christ is wonderful when it means being included in Christ and the family of the trinity because we agree that Christ’s gospel is our gospel which means we are included. But a snare when we have a different gospel of the kind Paul called ‘another gospel’ warning that such gospels attract a curse. The curse is non-life, a certain woodenness and deadness of spirit accompanied by illness of soul. Paul described this kind of belonging as being part of the body of death – a corpse that we have been delivered from already.

(1) Morrison, Stephen D.. T. F. Torrance in Plain English (Plain English Series Book 2) (p. 71). Beloved Publishing, LLC. Kindle Edition.