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Healing signs and wonders in Christ’s ministry pointed to the healing of the person and the healing of all mankind. They point ultimately to the healing of the earth. Jesus was and is both healing and life because He joins us to God. There is no healing of the person, of society and the earth where there is separation from God. Separation from God followed the lie and the illusion that humans could improve on themselves and their godliness if they took it upon themselves to seek advance through the knowledge of good and evil. The trouble was, that in falling for this deception they cut themselves off from the life of God.


All healing flows from the cross which is to say that all healing flows from the at-one-ment that is ours as a result of God’s reaching out in Christ to draw us into God. Christ’s healing was an advertisement of the healing that would come from His atonement. The apostle’s healing power was the result of the flow of the Spirit without limit that comes to us as the result of the oneness that has become ours in Christ as a result of the cross.

The impetus to heal the earth comes from the Christ of God. Careless killing of the earth under the heading of ‘the Economy’ is the companion of the temple money changers and the friend of those who killed the Christ of Life. If we are are anti-life we are anti-christ.


Healing disconnected from the Vine is a dead branch. The cross undoes Adam and does Christ. In Christ we have the oneness with God that the trinity have with each other. Don’t expect the Lord to nurture a ministry of healing and signs that is careless of this. Even if it starts if will fade as it has no root. Coming to Christ is not just a belief. It’s entering oneness with God.


If healings and signs were foundational there would have been no need for the cross. The effect of the cross is this: In Christ we have been enfolded in the Communion of the trinity. This is the fact and basis of the Kingdom of God and the agency of the new creation. Healings and signs are the effect of this union but they are not this union. The incarnation is this union. In the incarnation we are woven into God. Separation is no more and we are in oneness with God as He prayed in John 17.


The healing of you starts with oneness with God. So does the healing of the planet.

If Christ has not come in our flesh we remain unhealed, crippled and unwhole. If He is in us and as us because we have said ‘yes’ we are alive with His Spirit and Life. We become life-givers and not spreaders of nutty and selfish ideas.


The evidence of the presence of God is just as much the gentle effect of Christ in you, your marriage and your family as it is in a healed leg or fixed blind eye. It’s not true that such healings are not for today. I have seen them and heard reports of them and know that they are real and part of Kingdom advance. But they are not all if it.


The Kingdom of the New Creation is much more than the perpetuation of your local institutional church. It’s Christ in you and Christ as you. Since Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, healing, casting out of demons and raising the dead is part of the deal. Some may find the last bit hard to believe but I have spoken with an Indian woman who was raised from the dead when she was seventeen. Some may argue that Christ does not do that today. He does where people believe. Maybe your Christ does not heal the sick and raise the dead because he is not the Christ of God but a construct of your own.


If Christ is the Healer of arms and legs and of your soul Christ is also the healer of the earth. Stewardship of the earth is more than jobs and growth. It’s being one with the God who loves the world.

Nevertheless ‘Greater Works’ are real and have their place. But on their own they are not the Kingdom of God. Glued to an old covenant gospel they will fade and even cause perverse aberrations of the Kingdom Jesus began.

Holy Spirit is germane to our fellowship with God but it was not Holy Spirit who went to the cross, rose from the dead and has come to live in us. Christ did this and Christ come in our flesh to heal our soul and enliven our spirit. Sure, Holy Spirit is part of the witness of Christ in us as is Father, but it is because of Christ that the trinity takes up residence in our being. Holy Spirit’s mission is to bear witness to Father. Jesus witness is to reveal Father and be He who makes us one with Father. Your role is to be a manifestation of the trinity. The name for this is son/daughter of God.