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I WAS SPEAKING TO SOME CHRISTIAN YOUNG PEOPLE. I urged that they read the Bible and read it through the Jesus lens. I was startled when a member of our team offered that there is a higher and more accurate/ authoritative lens than Jesus – the Bible. He was wrong about that and to his irritation I had to correct it.


Such a view is bibliolatry. It can come from being marinated in law with its culture of The Letter, or soaked in a belief system where we have been led to believe that truth is established through argumentation and the assembly of scriptures in support of a truth. But truth is a person – the Christ of God.

Heresies old and new usually claim to be
supported by scripture. Examples are Gnosticism, Arianism and Revisionist Teaching where the old covenant is maintained in place of the new through a hybrid arrangement of Jesus and the law. The ability of Jesus to lead us away from cunningly devised fables and into the fullness of His life and truth is unparalleled and should be embraced – if we value the spirit/life of God. Interpreting the Bible through anything other than The Christ of God is a cunningly devised fable.


‘But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you’ John 14.26 NIV.

Jesus is grace and truth. Enfolded in Him we are privy to His teaching and the unfolding of the glory of our Father and our privileges as sons of God. Truth comes through revelation from the Spirit of Christ. The meaning of the Bible is found in the person of Jesus and the accomplishments of the trinity through Jesus. This includes the embrace of humanity in the new covenant, the joining of humanity to the Family of God through Christ. Jesus is all, stands for all and represents us all in every way to God. As Paul stated, ‘Christ is your life.’


Living from things not Christ leeches us of His life, destroys our peace and depletes our glory. Avoid religious things, behaviours and practices that are a substitute for Jesus. He is life itself. Religion has the unfortunate power to get people doing nonsense under the impression that they are pleasing God. Paul was blunt about such futility. He called these things
rubbish and dung. Living from the law will make us religious dullards denying us the essence of being sons of God: spirit and life.

Live from religion, the law or some performance regime and we will obscure Christ’s glory, dull the image of God in ourselves and make ourselves a shadow of our real selves. Religious icons are impersonal, abstract and have no power to impart spiritual vitality. Real life comes from persons – from the Family of God in you and from your Sabbath-rest in the Holy Family of the trinity.

Francois Du Toit writes
‘See yourselves seated together with Christ in the intimate presence of God! (Eph 2:5,6) Now engage your thoughts with throne room realities and not with “soul room” realities! Col 3:1-3. There is an immediate perspective shift that floods our being with light and sanity and dispels any trace of darkness and confusion. The reasoning and judgments of the soul realm can be very fascinating and convincing as well as most exhausting! The place of rest is such a safe place to live from! Sabbath is an encounter that we are invited into, where the very reason God has to celebrate us, is the theme! Pondering throne room thoughts inspires the highest and most desirable life possible!’