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There is no law that is external to God. There never was. Neither is there now. That which existed before the fall was never an externality of precepts. Life and all that it implies - the absence of separation and death was found in relationship with God. All that we think of life, love and order was subsumed in the triune God. Rules, prohibitions and injunctions have no life of their own when our being is in oneness with Christ. The knowledge of good and evil and with it the law is a function of the fall and the attempt to divide reality up into good and bad.

The essence of the fall was what Adam was seduced out of. It’s what Jesus always had which was union with God. Christ lived in this union and in being incarnated in the world and then into our being, He brings this union to us in His person – and includes us in the Communion of the Triune God.

Jesus is not defined by what we may call truth and righteousness. These are defined by Him – which is to say that He is the way, the truth and the life.

Life flows from love. This love is not abstract. It is the life and relationship of the trinity and you and you included in this Communion that is God.


John named The Order of the universe The logos - the person of Christ, the son of God, emphasising the fact that life, purpose, reason and creative power is found in persons and specifically in the person of Jesus Christ. Paul described this as the law of the spirit of life - which is not the law of Moses, but the person of Jesus and the Spirit of Jesus in people. This is the logos multiplied and writ large, so to speak. It’s God’s life encompassing people.


We participate in God’s order when in relationship to Him. As Adam and Eve did before the fall. This order is not a moral taxonomy. It is our relationship to life as expressed in the trinity. Note that Jesus did not announce that He had come to restore ‘order’ but to multiply life without limit.

John bears witness to this life in the words of Jesus, ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you John 14.20. The cross was never an afterthought. It was the plan. As a result, we are not just in relationship to God as we were before the fall. We are interwoven into God’s being. We are imbued with the spirit of life which results in our sonship: We can live as an expression of the trinity. If we are humble enough to realize our interwoveness and are not addicted to forms of religion that perpetuate the fall and its multiplied abstractions posing as life.

Christ did not come to make us excellent moral paragons. That is far less than who and what we are. His purpose is to make us an expression of Himself. In Him we are sons. You can live in this reality – the reality that is Christ or you can choose the false reality of the law and perpetuate the fall in the name of God.


To see Christ is to see yourself. He is the mirror. Jesus is the exact expression of God and the perfect expression of who you are becoming in Him. Don’t despise the simplicity of this truth in which Christ becomes you. In The Last Battle, C. S. Lewis writes of dwarfs who refuse to eat what looks like slops in a bucket. In reality the contents of the bucket are a disguised banquet. Imprisoned in their poor discernment the dwarves remain dwarves - a parable of the Believer who insists on living in rules, laws and religion. One can be set free from delusion. But one must be more addicted to the truth as it is in Jesus and less addicted to an identity that one imagines one has in their denomination. We are not forced to live as tares. We are already defined and secured as sons.