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The vision of Father was to have sons to share God’s life. The divine enterprise has been and is to secure that vision. Jesus initiated this new creation as described in the prologue to the book of John. Sonship becomes ours in spirit and in truth, which is to say in real time when Christ has come in our flesh. Christ has come in our flesh when we agree with Jesus that it has. Belief that is aligned with what Christ believes multiplies life. Belief that varies from this diminishes life to the full.

SONSHIP: A vital truth of the ‘I AM of you’ is your true self. This is who you are as conceived in the trinity before the dawn of time.
It is who you are and who you are becoming in Christ who is your life. Christ in you is the hope of glory now and forever because incarnated by Him you become the ‘you’ that you actually are. It’s glorious to be yourself in wholeness, righteousness and spirit. As such you are alive and a life-hiver.

Religion that has makes you the sum of a collection of virtues missed the point. Virtue is not irrelevant but it’s not the end-point. Our maturing into sons and daughters of God is the purpose and reason of a life in God.

The Word of God did not come as ‘words.’ The Word of God came as Jesus Christ. The ‘word of you’ is not a collection of attributes. The ‘word of you’ is you as a manifestation of Jesus Christ. Seeing yourself as Christ my life is much different to the knowledge of good and evil my life. The first is the Kingdom of Christ. The second is the fall beyond its time.


We can live a self-constructed self that we build without God or a similar self, built from the material of religion. Both will be a false self. To be real, which is to be authentically you, you must be born again. Do this and you will see and belong to the Kingdom of sons who are the Kingdom of God. A genuine rebirth involves death to the law and resurrection in Christ.


In religion we are not born again. In the law we are tied to Adam and Moses. In Christ we are resurrected, alive and reborn as sons of God expressing our true self as daughters and sons. The spirit of sonship is not restricted to the next life. It is a now experience that verifies the truth that Jesus is indeed spirit and life.

We are not reborn because we have a ministry or live a moral life. We are reborn when Christ is our life.


We must live in the Spirit to be fully human and fully alive. Life in the Spirit is our life in the spirit of sonship. Such a life is ours as a result of our origins in the trinity and as a result of our redemption into union with God. Such a life, far from making anyone a pious git, makes us fully human, fully alive and never so holy that we are of no earthly use. The ancients knew this state of being as Perichoresis. This is the indwelling of God in you and you in God. In this mode we are in Christ and Christ has come in our flesh. We live daily in increasing well-being flowering continually as our true selves. The is the one genuine hole person approach.


We are not in the spirit in this sense just because we have some of the gifts. ‘In the Spirit’ is the state of being that is ours in our lived experience of the union with God won for us by Jesus in collaboration with Father and Spirit. In the Spirit your Adam is dead and your ‘you’ is Jesus.


In this state of being we flourish as the self with freedom and ease. There’s no need to rely on externalities and additions that are not actually us. I was embarrassed once when a woman seeking to establish her legitimacy as a spiritual teacher listed a bunch of her academic achievements. Sadly, this listing established why in the field of kingdom spirituality, she had trouble distinguishing the kernel from the husk. As worthy as these achievements were, they were not relevant to her true self as a minister of the new covenant. New covenant ministers, distribute rivers of living water. Old covenant law bound ministers, minister droplets.

Union with God is the prequel to the revelation of you. If Christ is not our life – we are not alive and we minister words without life.

Light and life are found in the realm of the Spirit from our union with God and the authenticity of our self. The false self is incapable of spiritual discernment. It does not know itself and is a broken lens through which to view the world.


‘He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant--not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life’ 2 Cor 3.6 NIV. We are competent to minister the Kingdom when we know what the new covenant is because we are living in it.

Everything in the spirit is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. This is because, in the Spirit, we are joined to the Infinity of God and the logos which is the law of the spirit of life.


Paul was alluding to this in Romans 8 when he said, ‘But if Christ is in you, then even though your body is subject to death because of sin, the Spirit gives life
because of righteousness. And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you’ Rom 8.10.11 NIV. This is not just about resurrection. This is your now life in the spirit of sonship. You are both alive and your true self.

The deal is not just about sin and righteousness. It’s about the Spirit of Life as an over-arching reality and an inhabiting presence in you, in us and the world.


As a result, in the Spirit means that our ‘knowing’ penetrates to the real nature of things. Appearances are side-lined and the essence of anything is revealed in the Spirit’s light of wisdom and revelation. This vision is ours because we are living in our new covenant inheritance of the living light of God.

People with this penetrating vision are known as mystics. It’s not mysterious. It’s simply living in Christ our life instead of religion our life. This is not a quality reserved for holy men sitting on top of poles or women secluded in cloisters. It’s for Joe Bloggs who gets it and hence lives as a son of God.


Genuine mysticism shines a light on everyday life. Richard Rohr writes,

Now do not let the word “mystic” scare you off. It simply means one who has moved from mere belief systems or belonging systems to actual inner experience. All spiritual traditions agree that such a movement is possible, desirable, and available to everyone. In fact, Jesus seems to say that this is the whole point! (See, for example, John 10:19–38.) Some call this movement conversion, some call it enlightenment, some transformation, and some holiness.

It is Paul’s “third heaven,” where he “heard things that must not and cannot be put into human language” (2 Corinthians 12:2, 4). Consciously or not, far too much organized religion has a vested interest in keeping you in the first or second heaven, where all can be put into proper language and deemed certain. This keeps you coming back to church, and it keeps us clergy in business. This is not usually the result of ill will on anybody’s part; it’s just that you can lead people only as far as you yourself have gone
.” (1)

We can have a knowledge of Christ yet still be the hollow men T. S. Eliot writes about. Holly because we have made a religion out of externalities. The problem with this disengagement and separation is that those contained in this bottle have not entered much of God – only the edges of Him. When Christ is our life we are all Him and He is all us without artifice.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See (pp. 29-30). The Crossroad Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.