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Heaven cannot invade earth while healing and miraculous signs are bottled up in churches, restricted to individuals or compartmentalized away from the reality of economy and society. The Kingdom is not a Kingdom of signs, of doing church right or of religion. It is foremost a Kingdom of life, of transformed society and of TRANSFORMED EARTH or it is no Kingdom at all.

‘Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth’

Ps 57.11 NIV.


A mode of Christianity that endorses a Trump is no more the kingdom of God than Herod was the Kingdom of God. A government that does nothing of importance in regard to climate change is no more a government than a Christian who promotes religion is an agent of the new creation. Ignorance, superstition and short-sightedness are the manifestation of ego, lack of humility and talking more than we listen. Wisdom is known by the wise and despised by fools. The fool takes pride in her ignorance that she calls ‘common sense.’ The dolt says is his heart I am god and there is no one wiser than me.

‘Like tying a stone in a sling is the giving of honour to a fool’ Prov 26.8 NIV.

Fools give honour to fools. A wise person is wise because she knows. A foolish person thinks he is wise because he talks. But his words betray him and his ears resist discernment.

‘Stone is heavy and sand a burden, but a fool's provocation is heavier than both’ Prov 27.3 NIV. The wise soak up insight because they can be taught and they have a passion for life. Bigots are obsessed with their own ideas.

‘Choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom’ Acts 6.3 NIV. Don’t follow blind guides into the pit. If you are in a pit climb out in Christ’s spirit of Eye Sight. The poor in spirit will see God.


There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus and there is no adulation of fools and their folly.

‘Leave them; they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit’ Matt 15.14 NIV. Don’t be among those who think Jesus endorses their pit.

Christianity may be a word and a definition, but the Kingdom of God is Christ in you and in us. It’s a state of being in which we are the manifestation and the agents of Christ. Or not. The resurrection seed takes root in you and I to transform society into the image of heaven. This is called the new creation and is the result of Christ in you and in us all. In the incarnation the Believer is a manifestation of the trinity. In this guise the church is God multiplied. The incarnation in you is the new creation happening in the world. Sons of God are seen to be restoring the earth. Not killing it with endless consumption.


Christianity can produce massive churches filled with lemmings or small churches dedicated to perpetuating church. But unless each church is the manifestation of the trinity as it is in Christs reality, then we are going around in circles producing religion instead of new creation.


Kriston Couchey offered this ‘word’ on Facebook recently. ‘Son, my heart weeps for my love, my queen as she copulates in passion with the political spirit.

For loves sake I will remove the false foundation of her trust. She says "The constitution is our source of liberty." But I say, "No, I am your source of liberty."

She says, "We must exert our will to control and rule." But I say, "let My peace rule your heart and it shall rule on the earth."

Be assured, that which men trust in shall be seen for what it is, this is a day of full disclosure. I will expose man’s works and wisdom as the inadequate foundation that it is.

The pain in this will be as great as men's misplaced love of that which cannot satisfy or succeed. It is for love I do this. Everything is changing.

I have given men time to change their minds and see the futility of their hope in man's systems, but they have clung tighter and made the tool of my mercy their hope and not me, making the process of extraction a more painful process then need be. What I do, I do for love.’


To the astute it is clear to whom it is speaking and about whom. Folly and futility will have their day but will not prevail forever.

We are not here to perpetuate a political system. That’s Babylon. We are not here to endorse the hierarchical order. That’s Egypt. We are here to agree that the seed cast into the ground and into our souls and spirits - the leaven that is the incarnation of Christ in us is the power that becomes the new creation Kingdom of God.


We are here to be yeast and seed as the Kingdom of God. How come? The incarnation is key. The incarnation is the engine and substance of new creation life. Why? Because in the mystery of the incarnation you and we are the manifestation of God, this manifestation is called SONS AND DAUGHTERS.

We are not separated from God, not engaged in a quest to gain union with God and not workers or slaves engaged in demonstrating self-worth to ourselves, to others or to God. Now we are the sons of God who restore the earth.