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These posts and this ministry are dedicated to the fact that Christ is our life and that we are not living from a construct. This means we are not living from the law, a belief system or the more malleable expression of the law* – religion. We live not from positions or definitions but our interwoveness into the Being of God. We live from God and are truly alive when we are ‘in’ the God who is real but not real if we are living in the creation of our own minds.


People had a relationship with God before the advent of Jesus Christ, both as Jews and as Gentiles. The Wisemen From the East were not Jews. But they were people who had a heart for God. The centurion whom Peter healed was not a Jew but a devout man who sought the good. The Spirit led Him to Peter who would reveal the truth of who God is in Jesus Christ and introduce him to the new and living way of knowing God and being his true self in the Spirit. This Living Way is a Person and the sharpest representation of who God is as God and who we are as sons and daughters of God.

These people had a relationship with God – but none were woven into God until the incarnation that is the fruit of the cross. James B Torrance writes, “The prime purpose of the incarnation, in the love of God, is to lift us up into the life of communion, of participation in the very Triune life of God.”

We have been engulfed in the triune communion of the trinity. This is salvation and this the undoing of the original lie and Adam’s separation. We have become participants in a greater interwoveness with God that existed before the fall.


In this post we emphasise that God is three and one. Three persons, one God is the expression of the Church Fathers. God has to be more than a singular entity because the essence of His nature is love. It makes no sense to say that an ‘Un-moved Mover’ is love because an inert entity cannot love. The trinity that is the relationship of persons is the source of our relationship with God. It’s the model and reason for the fact that we now enjoy the relationship with Father that Jesus has with His Father. Similarly with Holy Spirit.

Legalists tend naturally to ant-trinitarianism. So do concrete thinkers and those tied to black and white thinking – the kind of people who if re-birth is true would appear in the next iteration of themselves as a black and white television set. It’s one of the diseases of the knowledge of good and evil.


There is nothing about our life in God that is an abstraction or a legality. Unless we have been schooled in the abstractions of legalism and abstractions are the fabric of our thought. Everything about our Christ-life in God is about relationship and union. This is why Christ is our life and the law and religion is not our life. It’s also why once we have seen this truth and stepped into it we are born again – born into the life of God which is communion and oneness. Born out of dead trees and a pile of wood, into sonship in spirit and in truth. Stephen Morrison observes that,


“If God is love, then God cannot be a singular person or a solitary deity. To love implies an object and a subject, a lover and a beloved. Love by nature necessitates many persons. When the scriptures say that God is love, they are at once saying that God is a Trinity. For this reason the scriptures speak of God as love (in being), not merely as one who loves (in action). God is love because the act and being of God are one and the same.

God’s being is His being-in-act, and God’s act is His act-in-being. In Himself from before all-time God is love because the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit exist in a mutual fellowship of self-giving, other-centered service and love. God is therefore one Being, three Persons. God is at once three distinct persons who exist with and in and for one another, and also one God united in the love they share for each other.” (1)


In perichoresis we are part of another yet entirely ourselves. Conversely one cannot find one’s true self in separation from God and in a religion that assumes separation, which it does if our being is still grounded in the law.


We were created by God from the vision that we as sons and daughters have a relationship with God in the same mode that the Holy Family enjoy relating to each other. There was no law external to this. This communion with God and Adam and Eve was the law – but not the kind of law that comes from letters on stone.

There was no such law before the ‘ten words’ came into existence. The only law that was in place was the communion that is God which is the logos and law of the spirit of life that is the trinity. This is not the kind of law that was the law of Moses. Neither is it the stipulations and agendas that form the culture of good and evil observed by many Christians. It is simply a direct and all-encompassing Christ come in our flesh.

Our inclusion in the Communion that is God, is the kind of order that Paul calls ‘the law of the spirit of life’. This is the spirit of sonship in spirit and in truth. It is the agency and power of the New Creation. Any other kind of law is extraneous and an imposter.

‘Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything; what counts is the new creation’ Gal 6.15 NIV.

* There is a theology that wants to persuade us that being partakers of the Divine Nature means doing the law. Actually it means the opposite since incarnated with God, God manifests as Jim and Leonie.

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (p. 1). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.