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As a farmer in Western NSW Sam Stocker lived a joyful and fruitful life as a farmer and a person. Sam was not religious, yet was not ignorant of the theology of the Christian Church. He embraced the simple gospel of the Kingdom which is Christ our life. I asked Him once what he thought about Jesus. He stopped, looked me in the eyes and said, ‘Keith, Jesus is Everything.’ Sam knew that he did not have to work on Jesus as everything. He just let Jesus be His life. Many people don’t get it he remarked. They need to know that the eucharist – the Lord’s Table - is the reminder and the sign of a life lived in God. They call it incarnation.


Richard Rohr tells of a time he spent in the community of Mother Theresa. “The sisters were not rigid; rather, they were simply devoted women. They did not need security, answers, and order, as we see in most traditionalist movements in the West. In fact, they were willing to live without security, with very few answers to their questions of mind and heart, and amid almost total disorder. All in union—hour by hour—with God. They lived that amazing and rare combination of utter ‘groundedness’ and constant risk-taking that always characterizes the true Gospel.

“The sisters didn’t waste time fixing, controlling, or even needing to understand what is wrong with others. Instead, they put all of their time and energy into letting God change them. From that transformed place, they serve and carry the pain of the world, which they are convinced is the pain of God. This is the synthesis on a communal level that I am always seeking. I have encountered it in many individuals, but hardly ever in public and social form.

“I do not believe that the lifestyle of the Missionaries of Charity answers all questions or that they are holier than many other Christians I have met. Yet there is a radical and utterly clear gift of God that is revealed through them.”

Our mission in life is to multiply the life of Jesus through the medium of ourselves. All of us can live fruitfully and peacefully just by being ourselves when Christ is our life.