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That which is believed as Bible truth must fit with the apostles teaching – the teaching of Jesus, John and Paul, the Church Fathers and Reformed Theology. Bible scholar D A Carson writes, “The broader problem is that a great deal of popular preaching and teaching uses the bible as a pegboard on which to hang a fair bit of Christianised pop psychology or moralizing encouragement, with very little effort to teach the faithful, from the Bible, the massive doctrines of historic confessional Christianity.”
Massive doctrines? Other than the prime fact that nothing can separate us from the love of God, the massive doctrines of Christianity are the new covenant, the vicarious humanity of Jesus, the incarnation and the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the same power that attended Jesus. All of these are the expression of the great truth of the age: ‘Christ in you.’
The greatest hostility to the simplicity of Christ in us/ Christ our life comes not from the atheist or secular foe but from the religious believer who has been imprisoned in their sectarian container but has never experienced the ultra-life that is theirs. This is THE RADICAL LIFE that is the water of life and the Spirit of Christ. They are not bad people. They are blind people. Many of them by choice.
Some are hooked on an identity that is their ‘other husband.’ Others have simply continued in the knowledge of good and evil that Jesus put to death. They have never entered His new covenant life of union with God.
Many do not suspect and some resent the fact that the Kingdom is as simple as ‘Christ as you and Christ as us all.’ As far as they are concerned one must earn and pay. Such
earning may be so subtle that it is almost invisible or so blatant that it is the distinguishing feature of their church’s belief. Whatever the case it renders ears deaf and eyes blind, suffocating what could have been an abundance of spirit and life.
Let’s be clear. Jesus was not crucified because He said He was the son of God. That was the excuse. He as crucified because he nullified all that religion has to offer and substituted and offered Himself. This was death to all riding on the coat tails of religion so if anyone had to die it would be Jesus and not them. Yet in carrying out their malice religion was put to death, spirit and life was released and the new creation was on its way. William Paul Young writes,
For those with eyes to see, they look out from a towering, rising mass of living water that is about to crash upon this planet. For those whose eyes have not yet been healed—those “born blind”—although we cannot see it, we can feel it coming. The children of this approaching re-formation of the very ways we think and see will respond quickly and easily. The elders of the empires will take much more work. They are not to be discarded, though, for love never rejects a single bit of bread or drop of wine.” (1)

(1) In Rohr, Richard. The Divine Dance: The Trinity and your transformation (Kindle Locations 316-320). SPCK. Kindle Edition.