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None of us need live in dependency on any person or thing that is not Jesus. We really do have a treasure in the field and a pearl of great price to call out own. It’s the incarnation. We have to seize our inheritance and employ it for it to be any use. I’m pointing to the fact that we can live a theologically-churched life involved in religious patterns and routines that have very little effect on the expansion of the Kingdom of God. Sure, they expand religion but not usually what Jesus had in mind by sowing Himself into the ground of our being and as a result multiplying Himself in the world.


Unless our being and our actions are filled with a flow of spirit and life from the trinity even our good works do not expand the Kingdom. Sure, they change the situation on the ground but do not change the nature of an area from the kingdoms of this world to the kingdom of our Lord.

Even if every misery causing issue in the world was solved, it would not be the Kingdom of God unless we were living in what belongs to us - our interwoveness with God.

Jesus stated this relationship in the following scripture. ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.’ John 14.20 On the day we realize this and live it we start living the Kingdom of God. It means we cease living in religion and live instead in the Spirit, which is the only way we and Father can be one. Christ come in the flesh means that God begins to manifest as you and as us all. This is kingdom seed. It is the new creation generating itself. Life in the spirit is the trinity manifest as you.


Heaven will not invade earth exclusively on the anointing and the gifts. This is because the charismatic gifts are a function of our oneness with God and flow from realised new covenant union. They will not function properly if we are still living in separation when God has given us union.

This seed deposited in us is the incarnation, which simply speaking is the trinity alive in us. When Jesus spoke of this rock that will be my church, He was not speaking of institutions with pointy rooves or auditoriums made from old factories. He was talking about the fact that every person who takes the name of Jesus becomes a channel by the Spirit of the fullness of God. Christ lives in you.

How to describe what this means. In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, C S Lewis has Aslan breathe on a stone Lion. Instantly this statue comes alive and the lion, touched with the spirit of life becomes who he is and starts demonstrating the full potential of being a lion.

The elements of the incarnation are these: You are one with God. The trinity dwells in you. You are filled with their spirit and life. You participate in their well-being and are favoured with God’s healing.

Like Jesus you are one with God and you do what Jesus is doing in the present moment and in the season. Because you and Father are one you have the Holy Spirit.


God does not use religion as a medium of His Spirit. He uses Himself. Religion will always dull the effect of union with God. There is no mediating element other than God in you. This is why the real manifest presence is you. This is what sons of God are - brothers and sisters of Jesus and manifestations of the trinity. Just as civilisation was meant to flow from the unfallen Adam, so the new creation civilisation is meant to flow from Jesus, the new Adam through you, as yourself being who you are. The Lord’s Table is the sign of the sacrament. The sacrament is Christ in you.