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Acts follows the Cross and the Resurrection for a Reason. The reason for the Acts is our accomplished union with God in Christ.

With Jesus exposure of the devils lies and the undoing of the fall, the Enemy has committed to keeping the fall in place through ploys like specious doctrine and ‘other gospels’.


‘For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough’

2 Cor 11.4 NIV.


Satan wages a relentless war against fullness in Christ. He does this through distorted gospels that deplete spirit and life from those who live from them.

Lies that vitiate fullness and suck the life from the resurrection, maintain Believers in the old covenant and the law, make the law a feature of New Testament life, posit Jesus as the Law Enabler in chief, depict the Christian life as behavior modification and jumping through hoops. Then make a show by substituting Christ in you with Christianity in you.

Many Believers believe they are living in separation when their inheritance is union with God. This supposition is the great darkness that is the opposite to the Light. Baxster Kruger is spot on when he writes that the “The assumption of separation is the great darkness.”


The incarnation is your inheritance. The incarnation is the reality of our Sonship and the incarnation is the difference between you as a son and you as a worker or slave industriously or frantically ‘earning’ eternal life. The incarnation is the trinity in you. It’s the difference between the Body of Christ as a doctrine and the Body of Christ as reality. When we live positively in the incarnation we’re living the new creation Kingdom of God.

The incarnation is both Christ in you and Christ as you.


Anyone can claim belonging in the Body of Christ. But without a lived incarnation we are scarcely sons, barely the Kingdom, scarcely the new creation and only notionally the Body of Christ.

The anointing, the presence, the gifts and charismata are no substitute for the incarnation. Without it they have no root, cannot be sustained and are subject to aberration and distortion. Worse still they are no substitute for a new covenant, lived oneness with God.


The whole church might be healed of every ailment, every blind eye and deaf ear set free - yet they might remain bound in their being. Bound because their relationship with Father remains unhealed. Unhealed because they are living in the separation of the law and old covenant. There are entire communities of faith that live in a virtual perpetuation of the fall because they remain in the law and old covenant. We live in the reality we create with our minds. This is why we must live in the mind of Christ and his reality instead of false gospels with their distorted reality.

We need to be rid of truncated gospels that are mean versions of grace growing from a scarcity mentality that has no place in the excess of Christ.


We gained more than salvation from the cross. And more than the forgiveness of sins. You get the end of your Adamic life and the start of your Christ life. The new wine skin is not generic salvation or a new way of doing the law. The new wine skin is Christ as you, Christ as us, Christ as the Kingdom manifest as humanity.


Signs are advertisements for the Kingdom. The Kingdom is humanity and the Father as one. It’s the trinity manifesting through humanity in the spirit of Sonship. Heaven cannot invade earth while separation is the illusory norm. When healing and signs are siloed off in their own Kingdom they become portents of unrealized reality. The reality is Christ in you and with you and because of this you have union with God every day.

You have oneness with God because of Christ’s faith. Not because of yours. Yu have union with God because Christ is in you.

Paul Molnar observes, “Arminianism* makes salvation contingent on people’s responses of faith. That unfortunately advances the distasteful idea of conditional salvation which, in Torrance’s view, ultimately teaches that ‘everyone is their own saviour, in so far as they have to co-operate with Christ for their salvation’. Regarding salvation only as a possibility and not as a completed reality creates uncertainty regarding our salvation and transfers the weight of salvation itself to those who are powerless to save themselves.” (1)

* Arminianism places the emphasis for salvation on man’s responsibility generally and his responsibility to take advantage of Jesus and his salvation by good works, often described as keeping close to Jesus. This attitude is common among Christians, particularly in the more legalistic communities.

(1) Molnar Paul, Torrance on Universalism. P 171