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What is spirituality? Spirituality is neither vaporous or an obsession with externalities. It is Christ as you.

The Kingdom of God flows from spirituality. Never from religion. Religion is what we do when we are living in the illusion of separation from God and we’re trying to bridge the gap. Where separation is the great darkness, religion is the befuddled confusion. Religion deals with externals. Spirituality is about our nature - our nature in God and our nature as sons of God who are fruitful and multiply the life of the trinity in us.


It depends of course what we mean by spiritual and religious. Spirituality and religion may overlap but they are analytically distinct. Many religious people are not spiritual people, simply because they have a relationship with religion yet a scarcely-existent relationship with God. The ruse of the Enemy is that a relationship with religion is defined as a relationship with God. It is not of course. A relationship with God is what Jesus had with His Father. He and His Father were one. Such an inheritance is ours today. You can have it. We all can. It’s not for the elite. It’s for those who believe.


God is the Source of spirituality and real spirituality - that which is spirit and truth is Christ our life. Yet even Jesus is not spirituality for us until we have embraced Him as ours. Then as son of man we are joined to in Him to God, to ourselves to each other and to the biosphere.

A spirituality that leaves us joined to the earth and nothing more is paganism. The spirituality that has drawn us into the life of the trinity and the fellowship of heaven in the Kingdom of God. But in Christ we are spiritual on account of the fact that we are joined to all that is. Cursing the earth with the cult of materialism, consumerism and greed is evil.


The ‘I AM’ of spirituality is right here: “I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.” This is so not only because it is a scripture. It is so because it is what it is: Core spirituality.

Many think that we can ‘live Godly’ by attaching ourselves to rites, behaviors and communities of belief. But these remain profoundly un-spiritual even though conventionally religious. (They are defined as spiritual by the religious).
My argument is that all genuine and life-giving spirituality is the effect of a person’s inter-woveness with God by courtesy of His Son Jesus.

That which is often called spirituality in popular culture is not really spirituality. It’s another form of religion. Religion is the attempt to self-generate union with God. But we are not on our own. God has forged for us union with Himself. We are greatly loved and passionately desired. Our oneness has been forged and is in place. Our interwoveness is complete. Thus Jesus can say, ‘The flesh counts for nothing. The life that comes from
God is spirit and life.’


The difference between what comes from Adam and that which comes from Jesus is the difference between religion and spirituality. There’s a stream of spirit and life that flows from the throne of God, through Jesus and into us. This is why it is necessary to believe and live in the fact that Christ is our life and not try to extract Kingdom Life from
our religiosities.


“The nature of the glory the believer shares is not the essence of raw deity, but rather it is the glory we share in privilege of the habitation and the indwelling of the Father, in the spirit of sonship. It is the glory of identical oneness that Christ had with the Father.” (1)

Anything that one can do in religion can be done with infinitely more potency than IN THE SPIRIT. We are not left to our own religious devices. Because of the incarnation we enjoy the indwelling of God. The being of God and man was always meant to be interwoven. By the cross, the atonement and the resurrection, not to mention the Holy Spirit’s ministry, this sharing of being has been certified and installed for eternity. Spirituality occurs in individuals and communities of faith when Father is in us and we are in our Father: ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20. Realizing and living in this inheritance is spiritual. In this state the manifestation of spirituality is you!

(1) Crosby, Stephen. The New Testament Prophet: Understanding the Mind, Temperament, and Calling (Kindle Locations 1306-1308). . Kindle Edition.