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We have an inheritance that is our life, that is more than ‘we were there’. In oneness with Jesus our spirit is alive, and our soul is healthy. The life that is ours when Jesus is our life is unlimited and infinitely beyond anything that can be extracted from religion. In Rev 3.1 Jesus says, “You have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead.” This should not be seen as condemnation but as an invitation – a beckoning to live in what was always intended: The experience of Christ’s life as your life.


There’s a joy in the moment and the season that is ours because Christ is our life. There is peace in reflection for the same reason. There is healing from the wounds of the past – from our own follies and the unkindness of others.

There’s content in the season and the life even though the present may be fraught with the folly of godlessness and the blight of distorted Christianity. There is grace that surrounds you, grace and life that is within you and spirit and life that flows from you to undo the degrees of death that abound and bring hope and restitution to unpromising situations.

This is your life in the Spirit of Life.

You can suck the marrow out of life as advocated in the Dead Poet’s Society. You can do better than live in a religious or materialistic trance as seen in the movie Awakenings. You can be a Frodo rather than a Gollum and belong to the Fellowship of the Ring rather than a member of the company of orcs. You can do this by resting in the fact of Christ your life. This is the home of your being and the only position where you can really be you. This is the ultimate contemplation and the true reality of your being a daughter and a son of God.


“The contemplative secret is to learn to live in the now. The now is not as empty as it might appear to be or that we fear it may be. Try to realize that everything is right here, right now. When we’re doing life right, it means nothing more than it is right now, because God is in this moment in a nonblaming way. When we are able to experience that, taste it and enjoy it, we don’t need to hold on to it. The next moment will have its own taste and enjoyment.” (1)

This is a description of the difference between Christ our life and a life in Christianity. We are alive in spirit and in truth because we are living in the Reality who is Christ. We can live out a routine. Then again, we can live as the expression – the personal expression of God in fellowship with God who is in us and with us. There is no sacred and secular in this age. All of life is the province of Christ our life, incarnated with the Living Presence of God and the real presence of you as a son/daughter of God. This is the foundation of the Kingdom and the real meaning of life in the Spirit.

(1) Rohr, Richard. Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer (pp. 60-61). The Crossroad Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.