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As human beings we were birthed from the joy of the trinity. The trinity was involved in multiplying the community of God from out of themselves to us and our world. They wanted to share what they were enjoying- the joy of life. This has great relevance in explaining what it means to be a person and a son. Persons, personhood and the creation grow from the triune person of God. It ought to be plain that such life does not grow from things or abstractions. It grows from God whose nature is above all else - personal.

Jesus came to us as the harbinger of God, of His life and joy. As such Christ our life is the life and light of each of us and the church.


If we can dispense with ideas like spontaneous generation, where mice erupt from damp bags, we can dispense with the notion that the law and religion will produce the life of God and most certainly the life called the Sons of God.

In the Kingdom what we are is the expression of our designation. Our identity is not a compilation of our attempts to be something. In the Kingdom we act like a son because that is what we are. "I am a son." By creation and redemption my nature is ‘son of God.’ In Jesus this status is settled for all time. It is mine by the achievement of the trinity, which is through grace from first to last. It’s ours in everyday life by incarnation.


As a christian I might Imagine myself acceptable to God as a result of what I do. As a son I am acceptable because of what I am: A son of God.

As sons we are joined to Father by birth. And joined in the spirit as a state of being - this is the incarnation. Our spirit, soul and body are ignited with the Spirit of God. We are one with God. We have union with God. Because Christ has come in our flesh the trinity in its dynamism and diversity has come in our flesh. God is alive in us as ourselves! The statement ‘Christ comes in the flesh’ negates any intuition that the law must come in our flesh. We are sons manifest by the Spirit of Fatherhood.


When church is the focus of our life and the perceived source of our practice there is an inbuilt pressure to prove that we are ‘doing things of worth.’ Runs on the board are an evidence of a leader’s success. But the Kingdom is not about runs on the board. It is purely Christ in you and His expression through your life. The fruit of the Kingdom never starts with an obsession with fruit. It starts with an obsession with Christ. Those who eat Him live because of Him and impart his healing, life and new creation as a result.

Much of what we know as Christianity is a fabric of things folks should do. This is churchianity but may not be the Kingdom of God. The latter is the Fatherhood of God realised in us. Workers multiply workers. Sons multiply sons who produce fruit that lasts. The latter is sourced in eternity and produces life that is eternal. Such work overflows with spirit and life and multiplies itself exponentially. This is the abundance of living water that will flow when Christ is our life rather then we and our need to perform is our life.

‘You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit--fruit that will last--and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you’ John 15.16


Many Believers do not keep the law - officially - but they do not understand why. Which is why they have made a matrix of beliefs and behaviours out of of their religion. It's like they ate the packet and left the cake. But something much better is on offer.


It's as simple as this. Christ's life is now our life. Our life is Christ's life as His Spirit drives out the body of death that is the flesh and self-effort. We came forth from Him and are each an expression of Him because He chose us. Now each of us are fully fully flourishing in the fullness of His life.


Christ is our life individually and as the people of God. Neither the law, religion or Christianity is our life or ever can be because it is not alive. None who attempt to know God through the law will know Him as He is and will carry about a distorted christ as though this is the Christ of God. Neither will they ever know themselves. But they will burden themselves with a muffled God and a crippled self. God is revealed and known in the person of Jesus. So are we all.

We have not established truth because we have given a Bible study with a bunch of texts. We are immersed in truth when we are marinated in God Himself. This is why something that is true and right does not impart life. It is merely an expression of the knowledge of good and evil. We speak the truth when we and our Father are one. We manifest truth when we are in God by the Spirit.


We are competent to minister the Kingdom when Christ is our life. Not when behaviours are our life. All of the law never imparted life and neither does any piece of it. Attachment to a fraction of law denies the whole that could have been our life in Christ. Any thing that we adduce as a means to Christ is another master and a substitute christ. But you have one master.

‘I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy. I promised you to one husband, to Christ, so that I might present you as a pure virgin to him’ 2 Cor 11.2 NIV.

Don't erect a discipline of behaviour modification and call it the gospel of the Kingdom. It's not. It’s religious busy work. As beneficial as any behaviour or routine may be, none have the capacity to impart the spirit and life of God. What counts is a new creation, which is none other than Christ in you.

Just to be clear, 'Christ in you' is not a poetic or religious saying. It is literally His life as our life. This is more than righteousness welling up in you. It is infinite life filling your being.


Reading Paul it is clear that for him the law means any kind of artifice that is not Jesus’ Spirit active in us. In such artifice we see through a glass darkly, remain largely unhealed of soul and dwell in shadows rather than the realty of Christ.

God is deeply personal. The Mary and Martha story shows that God hungers for your friendship. Whether we know it or not, so do we. We desire to know ourselves, to know God and to know others. This is the driving force of all humanity. You are the most satisfied, the most whole and entirely complete when He is your life.


Since God is personal, as are we, our relationship with Him can be intimate. The essence of life is not a belief system or a pattern of religion. Church attendance or deeds of charity have no more power to fill you with spirit and life than touching a water melon with a piece of wood will make it a human being. The essence of life is Christ our life. We can be intimate with all members of the trinity. Their spirit is woven into our being. They are all the one God and we have union with God as a possession. But the Door is Jesus. One can do mission work, perform miracles in Jesus name and mount charitable ventures. But unless we live from a personal Jesus our efforts will be without spirit and life.