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God’s love is not abstract because God is not an abstraction. The true representation of the Father is Jesus. Jesus is God’s love applied to us. But God’s love is more than this. It is the joyous relationship that each member of the trinity have with each other.

Love is relationship. The life of God is relationship because the trinity is Relationship. Your life as sons and daughters is this relationship in you. You have been drawn into Christ’s life personally and into His relationship with the trinity. God not only lives in you. You are in fellowship with the Holy Family. You are never alone and cannot be separated from this companionship. Live it with rejoicing in everyday life.


Frank Viola writes, “Have you ever wondered if God loves you? That’s the wrong question. The right question is, “Does God love Christ?” If the answer is yes, then you can rest assured that He loves you also. Why? Because you are inseparable from Christ.” (1)

What kind of union do you have with Jesus, our Father and Holy Spirit? You are interwoven with God and God is interwoven with you. ‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.

Jesus said ‘All that the Father has is mine.’ Today all that Jesus has is yours. As a result, you and our Father are one. This is what we should be living from. Not from where we are not. You are not separated from God. Discipline yourself to live from your inheritance. Cast off the veils of separationist theology by embracing Christ as your life. Live as sons and daughters of the Free Woman in the abundance of God.


“Speaking the truth in love is proclaiming to one another the reality of our high and holy calling (Not some excuse to judge). That calling is unfolded in Ephesians 1 through 3. It is the ministry of the church to remind her members of her high and glorious place in Christ. As a result, she will be shielded from imbibing windy doctrines that are peddled by crafty men” (Eph. 4: 14– 15). (2)

Your high and Holy Calling is that you are one with Christ. Christ is your life. Christ is in you and with you. Righteousness is Christ’s life manifest as you by the Spirit. In Christ you grow into your real self. You cast off the scales of your Adamic distortion and grow into the glory of Christ your life. Look at the law and you see Adam. Gaze at Jesus and you see yourself. Agree that Christ is your life and He is.


Our false self is who we strive to make ourselves to be in the culture of the world. You gain your real self by the Spirit of Adoption. We are who we are in company with our Father. This is where we are nurtured and develop as sons in the spirit of sonship. When born again we leave behind this false self and enter the real self that we are as sons of God. This begins with losing all that we thought we were in exchange for who we really are in through creation and redemption. It feels like death but it is the beginning of life.

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