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Some folks innocently live a free and shining life – one that exceeds mere existence and routine religion. This is because the expression of themselves is not religious because it is the expression of life as life. A life in Christ does not have to be ecstatic. Nor need it be acetic. As an incarnated life the normalcy of it is the trinity interwoven into our being – which makes us sons and daughters in spirit and in truth.

Life as ‘eternal life’ is unlimited. But life is more than a thing. It is sharing in the actual life of God because God has entered us in the person of Jesus Christ. Christ as religion is partial. Christ our life is the cup overflowing.

The incarnation is the basis of the Kingdom of God. The incarnation is yours as a result of the atonement – which actually means at one with God.


‘In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind’ John 1.4 NIV.

Real life is dulled when contained in anything less than itself. This is why one can still live a mordant pedestrian existence when one adds Holy Spirit as a booster rocket to old covenant, separationist religion. In the law we are not one with God – not in our mindset. With Christ as our life we are one with life personified.

‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me’ John 14.6.


In the new covenant age – which is now – you are incarnated with God. Son, Holy Spirit and Father live in you prior to any baptism of the Spirit or anointing. Incarnation is the Reservoir of the Spirit without limit. Living in the reality won by Christ, namely that we and our Father are one, is the ground of the Spirit without limit to all who will have her.

‘The glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one’ John 17.22 ESV. The glory that is yours is to live in the inheritance that Christ has given you in Himself.


Equipping by the Spirit and the gifts is a most important Kingdom resource. It’s usually the difference between a form of Godliness compared to Godliness with authority over the Enemy and his works.

Yet there is something of more important than the gifts. It’s the gift of union with God; the gift of Jesus as our life that has opened the door to our interwoveness with God. This gift is the effect of the cross. It is the gift Jesus urged us to watch out for before He went to the cross, because it would be the fruit of the cross: Our inheritance of union with Father.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.

The effect of this is that you have become the manifestation of the trinity. This is what sons and daughters of God are. You can believe this and live in it as a son or dumb your inheritance down to the law – where you have this programme called ‘Christianity’ and you resort to Jesus to put some version of moralism into effect. You do get some drops of grace. But not rivers of living water.

The ‘yes’ of God is more radical than that. As a daughter or a son, you have become the expression of God. The result is that God will manifest Himself through you with your face.


When I was a boy there was a show on the radio called, ‘Believe It or Not.’ Since we humans create our reality from our beliefs it’s important that we embrace the truth and don’t make do with some gospel that did not come from God. We have a choice. We can seize incarnation as the treasure it is or tell the Lord ‘He is a hard’ man presenting us with things too hard to believe. This is the treasure left in the ground syndrome beloved of the unprofitable servant.


What we are capable of believing depends on what we are married to. Should we be married to a love of life we will passionately search for more life. Should we be married to a belief system, we may well live in a half-life coma, or a drug induced stupor that we call ‘our faith.’ This kind of faith is really faith in ourselves and is incapable of taking us into the transcendent realms of the spirit without limit. In this respect Richard Rohr observes something important about a passion for life.


Dualism is the bane of fundamentalism and evangelicals. The idea separated from the reality is a key feature of the knowledge of good and evil – which we are now not in – since the cross. “John Duns Scotus taught that love or willingness were higher than mere knowledge. You really know only that which you first love, they felt, because otherwise you invariably distort and divide your sight and eliminate any bothersome or threatening information. Then you do not love it but (at best) only your idea of it.” (1)


Worse than this – if love of life is not our first love - we will settle for lesser forms because we are more in love with pumping up long held ideas and the status and identity we think these patterns afford us. More addicted to this un-life than we are passionately in love with Christ our life. We have one husband or a series of concubines.


We can love the reality Jesus beckons us into or we can love the reality we ‘know’ and are familiar with more. Compared to what Christ our life has on offer what we cling to is a degree of death, a measure of limited life and a tincture of blindness to our potential with Christ manifest as us.

Sadly, we can go into bat with friends of like-mind to preserve these limited ideas and the limited us so created. But in doing so we are not ministers of the new covenant or sowers of Christ Seed in the Kingdom of God. We prolong the mystery of iniquity.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See (p. 50). The Crossroad Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.