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The Bible speaks of doctrines of demons and cunningly devised fables. It is fashionable not to believe in demons let alone assent to the idea that any of our doctrine could have originated from polluted sources. But as a more astute observer of human nature opined to us once at a conference: ‘There is an unrelenting war against fullness in Christ’. So let’s not be among those who make religion out of twenty percent truth.
Any alteration to the plan of God is a witchcraft and a sorcery. The aim of the sorcerer is to change the appearance of reality by suggesting and manufacturing a false narrative that is a spin so subtle that many will not perceive it as the delusion it is. The result of the witchcraft is that many go down to their graves having sincerely lived their lives attached to a delusion that dishonours God and cripples what could have been their flourishing sonship. Rather than living in abundance they had spent their lives in survival mode, striving to live in the union with God that was already theirs by adoption.
People who with a survival mode addiction are often hoarders of useless objects. Surrounded with junk, their freedom to move is restricted and they are in danger of burning down their own house. This is a parable of us when we live as a survivalist, hanging on to junk doctrine while on the way to heaven.
We have a new covenant inheritance in which we are in Christ and He in us. We have the union with God that Jesus had. We and Father are one. The new covenant places us not only in union with God but God in us and us in God. Incarnated with the trinity we live in their light, revelation and ability to discern between kingdom and religion and futility and fruitfulness. If we chose. Or we can choose an identity and belief system in which this is not a reality – at least not for us.
The new covenant removes us from the law of sin, death and confusion and places us in God. This is a gift and an agreement between Father and His Son and not a work of our own.
Jesus is the living word of God. It is He who is sharp to distinguish between spirit and flesh and who transfuses us with His spirit and light. In union with Jesus, we have the capacity to be the word of God as sons and daughters since the word in Kingdom terms is never an abstraction of a systematised letter but the manifestation of either God Himself or His daughters and sons.
Exquisite spiritual insight is found in those who have one master/husband. Communion with God and with each other is not enhanced when we have made a gospel out of our perspective. “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin” 1 John 1.7 NIV.
Unless we are walking in what God has done at the cross we cannot expect to be adept at knowing what He is doing now. Sure, we have grace but grace is the opportunity to find the way – not an excuse to avoid it. People walk in a fog because they are lost. Not lost from God but lost from the inheritance that is already theirs in Him.
We are never cut-off from God. Nevertheless, maintaining ourselves in the law and old covenant we extend the alienation of Adam into the new testament age. We insulate ourselves from intimacy with Jesus and union with the trinity. As a result we exhibit a striking dullness of spirit and can possess the spiritual discernment of a marrow or cucumber. We speak because we can. We voice the insights of Adam and lack the inhibition and spiritual insight that is found in the humility of the Spirit of Christ. Kingdom principles are not derived from nice people or by a head count. They emerge from the trinity and are seeded into those in whom God lives, who have one husband and who become living expressions of His Word. We walk in the light when Jesus is our life, when He mediates Himself into our soul and our spirit and we are the effect of Him in who we are where we are.
Of all the qualities that are an advantage in seeing God and knowing what is of Him and what is not – it is the quality of having one husband. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God” Matt 5.8.