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Richard Rohr observes, “The cultural ideal of the Western industrialized world is the self-made, self-sufficient, autonomous individual who stands by himself or herself, not needing anyone else. . . and not beholden to anyone for anything…This is the ideal that people live and work for. It is their goal in life, and they will sacrifice anything to achieve it. This is how you “get a life for yourself.” This is how you discover your identity.” This produces millions of people who at best have no life other than their work and at worst the facilitation into ‘leadership’ of people like Donald Trump.


Some folks have no understanding of themselves because they have no real self. Others have never thought much about who they are. Their real self has become lost in the rubble of their workaholism.

Some people are more contemplative than others but all have some of this facility - if they can be still enough to rest awhile – to rest from the attempt to gain self-worth from their obsessive busyness.


Martha-ism blinds us to our own need and blinds us to the value of those who have the insight to seek life where it may be found: Being with Christ. Being with Christ is all about being. It’s about being sons of substance and being sons and daughters who have an affinity with life, with real life and the things of real value. Rivers of living water flow from these people.

It’s curious when people talk of being the Body of Christ but live separated from their true selves, like a dis-embodied limb or a decapitated head. Christ’s Gospel means that we are one with Christ, which means being one with the Communion that is the trinity in you.


As opposed to oneness, an old covenant mindset defines us in Adam’s separation from God and separation from ourselves, despite our assertions. The facts are however that we and Father are one and the trinity lives in us.

The incarnation is not a construct or an abstraction unless we have made our religion from the letter that kills. The incarnation is you and us as the manifestation of the trinity in ourselves and the Church. This is what sons and daughters of God are. If we will not live from this reality, we consign ourselves to be dead folks talking. The tragedy of the ‘letter person’ is that he does not know that He is not alive.


All believers are in the Body of Christ by designation. But they belong in spirit and truth when Christ is their life. Never when the law is their life. The incarnation is the great truth of the new testament age. Imagined separation is the great darkness.

Don’t insulate yourself from union with Christ by constructions of your own.

We can dribble spirit and life or we can be rivers of living water. When Jesus said, ‘Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you’ He meant the spirit and life that grows the Kingdom. We cannot literally eat Jesus. But we can in the Spirit – by agreeing that He is indeed our life. The Lord’s Table is a symbol and a reminder of the life we are living in oneness with Him. Not a tonic or a grasping at something we do not yet have.


J Baxster Kruger writes, “Jesus has received us into his life. We don’t make him part of our world; he has made us a part of his. He has included us in the abounding life he shares with his Father and in his anointing with the Spirit. And the us he has included is not the perfect us, not the untarnished version that we present to the world and hope everyone believes. The us he has included is the broken us, the wounded, tired, and scared us, the self-centred, self-protecting, hiding us. So we are in for a wild ride. For Jesus is determined that the broken us come to know his Father’s love in the freedom of the Spirit. He won’t give up.” (1)

You do belong.

(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. Across All Worlds: Jesus Inside Our Darkness (Kindle Locations 179-185). Perichoresis, Inc. Kindle Edition.