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We can live in our life in an attempt to find life or we can live in God and ignite our lives with Him from the outset. The movie Dead Poets Society expressed the theme seize the day - meaning live each minute in an excess of life. Christ our life does not make us into a virtue signaller. He joins us to the life-force of the universe (the trinity), so that we become spirit and life. People become drug addicts not only because they have sought a vacation from their pain. But because their ordinary life is so not alive.


The spirit and life of God is never somewhere else. He’s in you. Yet we can jump through hoops passed on to us by our parents or invented by ourselves. Or seek life in an identity and status we imagine our religion confers on us. Our identity as sons of Adam is small compared to our identity as sons of God. We can look for life in religion and not find it. Where what we call our life is but a shadow of real, infinite living spirit and life. This is one version of the false christ.

The saddest thing about an addiction to law and religion is that we can live our entire lives as a false self. Only when we are born again does our true self begin.


We can live our lives as promoters of christianity. We can walk in circles for twenty years because we are like a fox terrier chained to our received religion. We can expend our lives preaching religion without ever coming alive in our spirit and our soul and without ever passing on very much of what Jesus has given us - life and spirit without limit. We are not life-givers because we are sincere and dedicated. We are life-givers when Christ is our life.

It’s curious that people can resist an increase in life passively or with animosity - particularly the religious - which is why Karl Marx was discerning enough to name religion as the opiate of the people. It immunises people against life.

Christ is not religion. He is your life.


We can live out our lives in a semi-coma by existing in a routine of legalisms and meetings. We can make Messiahs out of doctrinal icons while ignoring the Messiah Himself. Then again we can instigate a new life for ourselves by being born out of religion into union with God in Jesus Christ. The Christ does not provide us with a way to be successfully religious or a way to keep the law. Jesus is the way in which He becomes us and the way through which we fellowship with the trinity as daughters and sons - not in religiosity but in SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH. The Kingdom of God is not our inherited ideas plus the Holy Spirit. We should not assume that we are living in Christ’s Gospel because we have spent years in our own inventions and suppositions.


“Frankly, pursuing God is too important to us to simply let the discussion go. God has led us into a spacious place and we can’t go back. Nor will God. He won’t submit to confinement in our doctrinal kennels. The neo-Sanhedrin may bare their teeth as they did in Jesus’ day. Once again, the Spirit of Jesus is being slandered rather badly, but these are the days when he’s setting the record straight. The real God, the one true God, wants you to know what he’s really like. (1)

To know God and to know yourself you must possess a hunger for life and a passion to pursue life. In doing so you will find that life is a person with a name: Jesus Christ. This man is not only a man. He is God. As such He joins all humanity to that fellowship we call the trinity - a family of real persons who are One God.

In Christ we are in God and as such in real life.

(1) Jersak, Bradley. A More Christlike God: A More Beautiful Gospel . CWR Press. Kindle Edition.