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One cannot help but notice as - a result of the recent occurrences of sexual abuse that the rationalisations offered by power and self-interest come down to the protection of the organisation over the individual. The institution while not God - is idolised - becomes a false god to which the sacrifice and abuse of innocent people is rationalised (excused) as though God is being done a service. The iniquity of this attitude is found in the gross dishonour to God and the religiously justified degradation of people. Such attitudes are not isolated in religion. The perpetuation of false doctrine that contains people in a lesser version of themselves is a similar and more subtle kind of abuse.


The spirit of anti-christ, the religious spirit and the political spirit make up the trinity of opposition to Christ and His gospel of the Kingdom. They combine to retain believers in the old covenant, and to rationalise alternative gospels that undermine the core truth of the vicarious humanity of Christ.


They suffocate the core engine of the New Testament age that is the incarnation. They instigate alternative gospels to the vicarious humanity of humanity – all based on the denial of Christ come in the flesh.

The upholding of the law gives a veneer of respectability and an illusion of religious efficacy. They undermine the clear findings of theological research that sets captives free, in a bid to retain the errors that impart a selfish sense of identity, status and financial reward. They change the meaning of the words and phrases and rely on a carnal hermeneutic to give an illusory legitimacy to gospels that are no gospel at all. They are clever at seizing on and promoting truths like the anointing of the Holy Spirit while retaining their adherents in captivity to the old covenant and the law.


There are those who ignore these things on the excuse of grace. But this kind of grace is no grace at all. It’s just lack of spiritual discernment.

By entertaining and promoting ‘other gospels’ we are just as much abusers of humanity as are those who sexually abuse the body. Except this kind of abuse being spiritual - is more subtle, more pernicious and more aligned with the ‘Causing of one of these little ones--those who believe in me--to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea’ Mark 9.42 NIV.