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Recently I cited Joseph Prince’s book, The Power of Right Believing. You might be amazed to learn that there are Believers in whom ‘belief’ takes the form of entitlement to believe one’s own version of ‘the way and the truth.’ Such a view sets us up not only to be crippled in the expression of our ‘godliness’ but it opens us to the reception of cunningly devised fables.
It’s a fact that the gospel of some Believers is not Christ’s Gospel or the Gospel of the Kingdom. Our life in God is not some deal we have going whereby we do some church distinctive in return for a block of grace. The life of a Kingdom Believer is an incarnation – a rest in the person of Jesus who has imbued Himself in them.
In the last post I alluded to a phenomenon in which people have a relationship with church. But this is not a relationship with God – no more than we have a relationship with president Biden because we see him on the news.
The appalling fact of the cross was that people of influence were so addicted to their own version of the way, that they rejected the Christ and killed Him for being who and what He was: LIFE.
‘THE WAY’ in the post cross era is not the law, not moral program and not actually a religion. The way is Christ in you – which means the fullness of God resident in you and in us. Oneness with God is ours simply by agreeing with Christ that this is so.
Ever since Cain Religion has been adept at prescribing ways and means to gain union with God of course it prescribes itself as the cure. This takes the form of hoops to jump through. The most adored soporific in this category is the law that surfaces as moralism and selective outrage against ‘sins’.
Law centered Christianity is an undoing of the cross and a reversion to the separation of the fall. Human nature under the fall is so perverse that it clings to what it has and what it knows so that it promotes passivity as a way of life. To this day, people cling to their version of the Christian life which is really only a half-life. We can have a relationship with life to the full by agreeing that Jesus has made Himself our life.
In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind’ John 1.4 NIV.
The question ‘What do you seek?’ is key to our knowing of God, knowing ourselves and knowing the meaning of life. Knowing its real meaning because we are blessed with the penetrating eyes of the Spirit of Christ who is our eyes. But there’s more to it than this. KNOWING in Gods terms is synonymous with BEING. To be precise it’s being ONE WITH GOD. What might this
being look life? This is it.
‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20
If we seek life above all else we will put Him first. All other considerations will be under His feet. What does Jesus want? He wants your heart in its entirety. This is so that He can share with you all of His life and the fullness of His Kingdom of spirit and life.
We can have an identity as a son/daughter in Jesus. Our sonship will flourish when His Spirit monopolises our being. With other husbands and multiple identities our sonship is vitiated and diminished. Having multiply identities in the old testament was known as idolatry. It was serious then. It is more so now because it smothers the Christ and sucks the life out of us. The question is, do we want a real identity in exclusive loyalty to Christ? Or will we accommodate ourselves to a diminished state of being because we place a greater value on an identity external to Jesus; an identity wrapped up in our beliefs and those of a religious community?
Baxter Kruger writes, “
Jesus’ question, “What do you seek?” translates into: “Is it real relationship that you want, intimacy? Is it the truth that you seek? Is it life that you are after?” And implicit in these questions is another: “Are you prepared to do what is necessary to find what you want?” Like it or not, marriage, science and theology live by repentance. We must be willing to have our minds reoriented. We must be willing to rethink everything we thought we knew. For it is only as we have our mental instruments revised that we are able to see more clearly, and only as we see more clearly that we experience the liberation and joy and life of such clearer sight. The price of Jesus Christ, as C. S. Lewis says, is to want him.” (1)
When we are not prepared to sacrifice all we are to find life and lay down slabs of ourselves at the cross; to have our minds re-oriented and re-think all we saw as facts, we decrease in the ability to see God clearly; to know Him as He is and to become who we can be as daughters and sons. We lose our ability to hear and see and the ability to be alive.
‘Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them’ Matt 13.12 NIV.

(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. Jesus and the Undoing of Adam (Kindle Locations 146-152). Perichoresis Press. Kindle Edition.