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The most prominent blind man of this season would have to be Donald Trump, followed by those who put him there as president. Some have lamented his leadership of the free world. Neither Mr Trump or the United States is at present the leader of the free world. Astute people and discerning world leaders will have to look elsewhere for leadership. A good starting place would be to look to the Christ of God and to those who live in Him rather than in religion and self-serving versions of Christianity.


Christianity or versions of it may be a moral program but the Kingdom Jesus began is not. This is the Kingdom of light and truth and light that expels the darkness. Hospitals for the mentally ill often contain delusional people who are convinced that they are kings and queens or Jesus Christ. The belief that one is a Messiah when one is not is a sign of madness – similar to the lack of perception revealed in the man who mistook his wife for a hat.


Discernment is to some extent a quality that we are born with. Some people are able to penetrate the surface appearances of the flux around them. Others go with the flow and become more of a flotsam than an agent of their own will and destiny. Still others have a naivety about them, together with a non-awareness of the underlying agenda of the present situation. This leaves them shocked when they are confronted with the reality which their soul has striven to deny. Others simply have no understanding of themselves, let alone others and the surrounding environment. They are bonded to the status quo and their identity is tied to its vicissitudes and the excusing of the increasing chaos of the status quo.

The blind man takes comfort in denial and the confused woman finds comfort in fictions.


Some like poets and artists are naturally discerning, their works, not just a copy of the environment but a powerful statement of truth about its nature. Others are visionaries and have clear conceptions of the way things could be. Whatever the case, blindness is not an advantage physically, socially or spiritually. When among us in person and with us at the present by the Spirit, Jesus assures us that blindness is a function not of God but of religion. Significantly Jesus came to set captives of all kinds free and specifically to open the eyes of the blind. The blind are not always beggars but reasonably well of people who insist on believing lies handed to them by those they should not have trusted. Jesus came to set such captives free and He lives to do it now.

‘The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free’ Luke 4.18 NIV.


Some have an innate fear of truth and spend their lives inventing theological fictions to keep truth at bay. The truth is often confronting and can deliver quite a jolt. But those who can enter into truth even though this advance may involve death to parts of themselves, do better spiritually than those who make a life work out of accommodating themselves to comforting lies.

The Enterers’ of the Door marked TRUTH grow in their ability to see and the others grow increasingly tone deaf. This is because denial of the truth insulates us from God and His light and life. It also insulates us from ourselves and from those who are eager to walk in the truth no matter what the consequences. A stubborn commitment to our own ideas debilitates our discernment and makes us a byword for blindness. Spiritual discernment grows as we increase in knowing God and as a result of this in knowing ourselves.


The ‘living out’ of the Kingdom of God is usually the difference between having spiritual discernment and the absence of it. We are not in the Kingdom because we are busy or because we have the gifts. Or because we have a mission success. We are in it because Christ is our life and we and our Father are one. This oneness is ours but we need to seize it and possess it. Dont let false doctrine and misguided mindsets rob you of what belongs to all.

“Discernment is our ability to judge what is good, true, and beautiful. Discernment is also the inner knowledge of how to act on that which we perceive. Our use of discernment relies on the clarity of our centred minds, the objectivity of peace-filled hearts, and the unobstructed impulses or instincts of our bodies.” (1) Non-discernment is a devious malady because by its nature we cannot know when it is our disability. There is a cure however, which is an undiluted commitment to Jesus above all else.


Truth is the foundation of the Kingdom of God. Truth is Jesus Christ. Secondly it is the gospel of Jesus and the apostles. Thirdly it is Christ in you and fourthly it is you in fellowship with the trinity. Fifthly it is their life being you and flowing out of you. Sixthly it is you as a source of living water and fruit that lasts. The seventh manifestation is that you are a seed cast into the ground of the new covenant Kingdom of God and you multiply life and the sons and daughter of God.

(1) Heuertz, Christopher L.. The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth (p. 88). Zondervan. Kindle Edition.