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There is something relaxed about Christ our life. Relaxed, yet not dormant. It’s free and it is alive.

There is a way out of the coma of religion. It’s called Christ our life. It’s amazing that we can so often be exposed to the truth without seeing it. If we are notably un-discerning this can be the result of having being averse to our status quo being disrupted and our notion of truth being exposed for what it is: The king’s new clothes.

Many conservatives are averse to the truth – because truth means one has to change.

Usually, we do not see unless we want to see. If our obsession is maintaining ourselves in an identity that we value more than Christ our life, it’s probable that we will be immune to fresh revelations of the fullness of God in us. Hanging on to our stuff is the motivation for the ingenious rationalisations we manufacture that insulate us from the fullness of Christ that maintains our role as sleep-walkers.


‘Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters’

Matt 12.30 NIV.

The pure in heart will see God and know what He is doing and not doing. They will discern between religion and Kingdom and spirit and flesh. They will see and know God. Those with dual loyalties have two masters. They will never be sharp in discerning the things of Him or apt at separating them from religion and common assumption. Like a blunt knife without an edge, they will be unable to separate soul from spirit or distinguish joints from marrow. The Kingdom will elude them – or rather they will elude the Kingdom because they chose something that is neither hot or cold as if it is alive – the effigy of a Jesus plus identity.


With great insight, Gregory Boyd observes that swathes of Christianity live out of ‘A religious version of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil ’ (1) Boyd notes that ‘The extent to which we live off the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil - even an orthodox, "saved" version of this fruit-is the extent to which our participation in the triune dance [The life of the trinity] is suppressed.’ Insulated from what is ours – union with God - our minds are dull, our heads are flat, we have no spirit-life at all. Yet we promote this ‘other gospel’ as though it is His gospel and we are not alive.


We can live as a pile of wood or a tree of life. The latter is the witness of Christ our life.

Any version of the gospel that leaves us in Adam is a cancer that vitiates the Body of Christ. It poses as the gospel of the Kingdom while maintaining the tree of death and its fruit. This is the gospel that is not the gospel and the kind of gospel that is ‘another gospel’ that curses us as sleep-walkers.

Christ alone is our life and He is all and in all.

Richard Rohr observes, “Ultimately, all Jesus’ parables are of the kingdom. The kingdom he describes is an alternative to sleepwalking. He points to a way of seeing beyond cultural hypnosis. We have to really hear a parable or a koan so our false and ordinary view of reality is undermined, or at least relativized and called into question. The parables of the kingdom are almost always subversive with regard to conventional thinking and so-called common sense.” (3)

Jesus indicated that ‘common sense’ is the wide way that is not the narrow way of His incarnated life as our life.

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