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The Great Issue of the Ages is not will man keep the law but will humanity trust the loving fatherhood of God? Will people believe and accept that God has reached out and enfolded us into Himself or will people continue to invent and subsist in forms of the knowledge of good and evil that are the result of believing in a separation that no longer exists?

Will we humans live in the inheritance of our own Sonship or continue the futile effort to be a person of significance without God or within religion?

Paul was right when he characterized law adherents as workers and slaves and we are right with God when Jesus is our Sabbath. ‘Sabbath’ is oneness communion with God. Adam and Eve had this before the fall and all who believe have more than that since the cross. In Christ we have a Monday to Monday Sabbath Life. He and His incarnated life as us is our rest from human restlessness.


The law is not the solution for human pain and disorder as Islamists and Christian legalists maintain. Interwoveness with God is the solution. We were not expelled from fellowship with God before the fall and are more inextricably interwoven since the cross, incarnation and outpouring of Holy Spirit. We are part of God as sons. This is our holiness, wholeness and life of the kind that is spirit and life.

The law is the only kind of niggardly righteousness some know. With them it is the rudimentary injunctions of the words on stone. With others it’s Christian lore and culture. The former has the tincture of threat and the nature of a scarcity mentality. The latter is more the opiate of the people as Marx correctly prophesied. An unwonted prophet to be sure but a word of truth out of the mouth of babes.


The transformed Paul, once the chainer and killer of men and women, became the expression of His Lord, because his Lord was incarnated in him. Paul became the Explainer in Chief of the Gospel of the kingdom, which simply put is Christ as you, Christ expressed as us all. This is the church built without human hands.


Real righteousness, is less what we do, more what we are. What you do as a son is far more elevated than a slave. What we are in Father is sons of God, because we are part of Him. We came from God, were created by God and have been woven into God by Jesus Christ. This inter-woveness is ours because Christ is fully God, Christ is fully us and we have oneness with God because of it. In the God-Man we are woven into God as a state of being.


Since the cross the law has nothing to do with righteousness and even less to do with life, other than to smother it and insulate adherents to their union with God. It’s fool’s gold to clutch at a religious icon as though this is our grace and Messiah.

Paul declared the law was for sinners because it is. The incarnation is for sons because God has gifted Himself into us through The Son and The Holy Spirit.


Your union with God is a finished work. Gifts and signs do not complete that which is already complete. Holiness comes from Christ our life. Sonship is ours in the Son of God. We are one flesh with Christ as the Bride of Christ.
Life in the Spirit is never gifts bolted onto the law. Life in the Spirit is Christ’s incarnated life as our life.

The worst thing about a tincture of the Law is that it cripples our being in the name of a form of godliness. The best thing about a Christ incarnated life is that it makes us more than we are - Sons advancing into increasing glory. In Christ your life, you are you who is you. Hidden in Christ you are revealed as yourself as a son/daughter of God.