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GOD is not somewhere else, not confined to special places or more intense on certain days. God simply is and He is in you. He is not more cognisant of us because we wear certain clothes or have donned a ‘sacred hat.’

He is not more in Israel than He is at Uluru. God simply is – and God is in you in Jesus Christ. In you, not because you have earned His presence but because in Jesus you belong and are included. There is no separation in Christ Jesus, no matter how much this may offend our sense of entitlement. He invites us to belong. Our part is to say yes and agree that He is our life.

If you see yourself as in the spirit on certain days and not on other days, you are not in the spirit. You are in religion. Jesus has not bequeathed us a dualistic reality. Spirituality is not something separate to everyday life. It is this life. You are not separate from God. You are part of God. What part? You are a son/daughter of God.


Kriston Couchey writes, “Engaging in the spiritual realm is not looking outward to or for spiritual experiences. It is a natural outflow of being in the spirit. All spiritual activity is birthed and released from this place within. This is what being seated in heavenly places is. Our authority over our enemies and in the places we are established in the spiritual and physical spheres exudes from his being seated in us and we being seated in him.

In this place a word or decree we speak from his heart manifests in power in the earth. In this place what we ask is given freely, because in this place there is only his heart and will being asked.

We are told to worship in spirit and in truth. The reality is people’s prayers and pleads don't always get answered because they do not engaged in spirit and truth. What do I mean? To worship in spirit means to engage inwardly with his presence within our spirit where he dwells. To worship in truth means we are asking that which is in keeping with the truth of who he really is and in accordance with his heart/will.

Father will in mercy answer the cry of those who are desperate even when they do not understand where he dwells or truly know him. But true worshipers, worship in spirit and truth, and he desires to bring us all to this place of engaging and manifesting spiritual realities that bring transformation to the earth and those around us” – From a Facebook post.

We worship in spirit and in truth, we are spirit and truth, we are life when Christ is our life because we and Father are one.