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The Real Gospel* is wonderful and wonderfully simple and comprehensive. “In Jesus Christ God has actualised his unconditional love for you in your human nature in such a once for all way, that he cannot go back upon it without undoing the Incarnation and the Cross and thereby denying himself.” (1)

Recently I read a moving piece in the paper about a woman rejoicing in the manhood of her son. She said ‘I grew him out of my body and grew Him to be who he has become.’ This is an excellent parable of the incarnation. The Jesus seed is inseminated in you when you believe. Jesus grows in you as you. In the Spirit you grow out of Christ’s body in similar fashion to a person growing inside the womb of a Mum.


Meister Eckhart wrote, “What good is it to me that Mary gave birth to the son of God fourteen hundred years ago, and I do not also give birth to the Son of God in my time and in my culture? We are all meant to be mothers of God. God is always needing to be born.”

This is not some mammoth challenge to greater zeal or assiduous works. It’s a simple statement of what has always been true since the cross and Pentecost: By the incarnation, Christ becomes us. This is life in the Spirit.

‘Life in the Spirit’ is never the gifts bolted on to the law and old covenant. It’s Christ our life as Paul urged. This is the trinity woven into us and our ‘us’ woven into the trinity.


The is no legitimate revelation of who God is and who we are apart from the Christ of God. And we emphasise the Christ of God as distinct from ‘christs’ who are under the law or minister the law as a false christ. Jesus Christ is the one accurate revelation of who God is and who we are. There is no real gospel other than the gospel of Jesus and the apostles.

But we must go further than this. “We must remember that all of God’s works can be seen only in the light of His revelation in Jesus Christ. We may not operate with ‘general,’ a priori ideas about God, as though we knew something about Him apart from His revelation. We must think about God exclusively in terms of Jesus Christ.” (2)


Adamic thinking is illusory and decadent. Mosaic thinking is an epistemology that belongs to the tree of death and should have perished when Jesus cried, ‘It is finished.’ It was finished then but not for those who refused to follow Christ. In Christ our glory is to be ourselves as children of the Last Adam. You are the product of the LIVING SEED. Or not.

We can live in the law and old covenant as nice people but always as nice people who are undergoing a slow death in our spirit.

As a youth I was told that our duty was to follow Christ ‘moment by moment’. An epic and impossible program of works if ever there was one. Due to the incarnation, summarised in Galatians 2.20,21, Christ is in us and we are the expression of Him. So there is no epic concentration or attachment to what eventually must become a religious ‘trivial pursuit.’ With Christ as our life we are Him and more. The trinity express themselves through us. There is no law other than this – which is not a law but our life in the Spirit of Christ.


Christ in you is the hope of glory and your glory is to be you. – the you whose design was seen before the foundation of the world and the you that becomes who you are when Christ is your life. You were not born to become the expression of religion. Neither were you re-born to become the expression of the law. In the I AM of God, you become the I am of yourself and as the church we become the Body of Christ. Neither a hijab or a sabbath makes you whole or holy. Christ as you does this. This is the gospel of Christ and the apostles.

*Distorted gospels produce a false christ and as a result a false and muffled you.

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(2) Morrison, Stephen D.. Karl Barth in Plain English (Plain English Series Book 1) (p. 22). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.