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Our inheritance, post cross is not a contract in which we do something for Christ and He does something for us. It’s a state of being in which we are one with God. One because the fall has been undone and we by virtue of atonement and incarnation have oneness with God in this life.

‘When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory’ Col 3.4 NIV. Our life in God is not some routine. It is Christ in us and us in the fellowship of God. Christ’s Kingdom is all about life. That’s what it is - life in the Person of Jesus and His life infused in us so that His life is us: incarnation. Christ is our life. If this is not so we are not alive no matter how moral or assiduous in charity work we may be.

Religion is not life. It may act as a hallway to life itself but it is the container rather than the reality who is Christ – Christ our life. Religion is not even second best. It is a pale also ran on a pale horse compared to the ignited life that is Christ as you and Christ as us all.


Many of God’s people are ghosts of their real selves because they live from religion. Religion is a shadow. But the reality is Christ. This implies that we are the most real and the most authentic as ourselves when Christ is our life. Not that any of this is acquired by strenuous effort or attention to formulae. It is received by resting in the belief that Jesus really is our life as regards our person and our circumstances. In our person because the Son of Man is with the Father and the Spirit in heaven and simultaneously with and in us here in our daily lives. In our circumstances because Jesus Christ is the logos – the one in which the entire universe finds its purpose and being.


When Jesus returned to heaven it was to the position where all things are under His feet. Thus all authority is His and by implication under ours. Thus Jesus said, ‘I give you authority.’

Jesus lived in union with His Father. As such He was free to be Himself in perpetuity always aligned with what His Father had in mind. Today this is our privilege when Christ is our life. We have this union in jars of clay. The fellowship the Son enjoys with our Father has become ours. Through Jesus – through Christ in us – we are able to grow into our glory as the sons and daughters we were conceived to be.


In Jesus we see our Father. In Jesus we see Father glorified. Today Jesus lives in you as does our Father and Holy Spirit. We are indwelt and alive with the presence of God. Our challenge is to live from where we are and from who we are – as sons indwelt and as sons who live in the Presence. In Jesus God is glorified in you and you are glorified as a son who is one with our Father.


We are never alone. You do not have to read the Bible and claim the promises. The promises are in you by the Spirit of Sonship. You are the promise. The reality of Christ is in you and with you. The reality is not only Christ. The reality is that the trinity lives in you and that you are a representative of this Holy Family.

To say ‘God is so big!’ is to miss the point. His size is irrelevant. God is our Father and He lives in you. To shout ‘God is good!’ is one thing. To know Him as Father and be a son is to live in ultimate comfort of soul, multiply joy by being yourself in glory. In this state rivers of living water will flow from your being. ‘Service’ to Christ will never be a chore or done from a sense of obligation. Never again will you embark on good works from a sense of duty or a need for self-preservation in the face of a demanding god. Because God is love and God lives in you, you have become love and your ministry consists of spontaneous expressions of your inner most being.