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To speak of the Son of God is to speak of grace, might and being. The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.  For in Him all things were created, things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities. All things were created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.”
Here we see that ‘reality is Christ’ because Christ is He in whom reality is realised. There is a ‘theory of everything’ and it is He who is the law of the spirit of life.
The law of the spirit of life is because the trinity is. Jesus joins us to this life. In His eyes we see light instead of darkness.
One with logos and woven into He who is wisdom we become insulated against nonsense and the vanity in which we may think uninformed ideas are on a par with those of the able and the educated. The rise of stupidity as a common conversation in our time is a direct result of separation from Christ.
The Jesus Lens is the lens through which all life, all light and salvation is known. This is an apt metaphor of who Jesus is as the truth for the human race. We have an identity in our Father as daughters and sons. Our identity in I AM trumps lesser identities.
I AM is jealous of pseudo identities and their adulteries using the words, ‘Have no other gods before me.’
In this age having Jesus plus identities is even more serious and debilitating than in the old testament since God has made Himself known in this age through His Son and His Spirit. This is why Paul warns that a reversion to law brings a curse – namely because it makes God less than He is and ourselves far less significant than we are.
I often try to imply things so as not to give people too much of a jolt. But there are times when the truth must be outed starkly for liberty and life in fullness. Know this. We will not gain our real identity while attached to the law or to religion. These two insulate us from God, ourselves and from people. Sure we can gain eternal life as children of the law, but our ability to share the life of God is largely suffocated.
We become who we really are when the undiluted Jesus is our life. ‘In him was life, and the life was the light of men’ John 1.4 ESV
We learn the correct and complete understanding of who God is through Jesus – and we learn who we are ourselves as one with Father – if our Christ is the Christ of God and not a product of aberrant Christian teaching. Correct doctrine is defined as the apostles teaching, which is the teaching of Jesus and mainly John and Paul and the writer of Hebrews.
Many of us have been trained or conditioned – some might say brainwashed – into learning who we are from a bad mirror. I was taught that the law is the mirror into which we look to observe and assess our real selves. In this season many Believers have been learning the truth about this: The law was not the mirror. Jesus is the mirror. People have been enlightened on this by Holy Spirit and also by a more correct interpretation of the scriptures. Especially of the kind found in Francois Du Toits work,
The Mirror Bible that takes its meaning from a more accurate translation of the original text.
The writer of this work tells us what is absolutely correct but which adherents of a mean view of ourselves, might not want to hear: That to see Jesus is to see ourselves. It could not be that good, some might say. Well it is. It’s that good. The face of Jesus can be seen in you and you are able to see yourself in the person of Jesus. The incarnation of God in Jesus was the exact representation of God. And the incarnation of Jesus in you makes the accurate rendition of you.
Don’t give in to austere gods with mean gospels. They did not originate with Father but in the father of lies.
Many in The Body would have been led to believe that ‘original sin’ is the chief fact of our nature. This strand can be found in Protestantism and Catholicism and surfaces in many religions. It rises as a human attempt to deal with un-healed guilt. It’s one of the main symptoms of the knowledge of good and evil, promoting self-obsession and religion: Particularly the kind of religion that specialises in overcoming the separation between ourselves and God that has not existed since the cross.
The first inkling I gained that this assumption was a distortion came from a book written by a Catholic priest entitled, Original Blessing. The writer stressed the fact that God looked at the creation with satisfaction and declared ‘It is all good.’ Recently I have been blessed by the work of
Bible scholars who assure us that it is God’s truth that we were born out of the joy of the trinity and that because of Jesus we have entered again into that fellowship of love and life without limit. We are going from glory to glory in more ways than one.
Christopher Heuertz observes, “
When it comes to recognizing the truth of our own identities, most of us experience a symbolic version of blindness that keeps us from seeing ourselves for who we really are. We live unawakened lives marked by self-perpetuating lies about who we think we are—or how we wish to be seen. Tragically, we don’t know who we are or what we look like. And often, it takes an unlikely “other” to remind us what’s true—you’re beautiful.” (1)
Some of the most self-obscured people I have met live from the law. The eyes of their heart have become so dulled that they prefer the law to Christ our life. Like drinking the sand around a desert spring instead of the water bubbling up out of the ground. To live in religion even when it is christianity is to be blind in both eyes. To live in the law is to be blind in both eyes as well deaf in both ears. It is to be crippled in soul, spirit and body.
One of the strangest contradictory beliefs is the assertion that all of us belong to the Body of Christ while embracing the core belief that our union with God is earned by compliance with either the law or lauded moral behaviours. Salvation does belong to all. It is possessed in fulness by those who have entered the fullness of Christ our life.
Many denominations have their anomalies and peculiarities. But most do not undo the cross and re-invent themselves in a renewed version of the Fall. The Fall is over and over because it has been abolished in the resurrection of Jesus which is your resurrection and your life.
Baxter Kruger writes, “
It was not the Fall of Adam, therefore, that set God’s agenda; it was the decision to share the great dance with us through Jesus. Adam’s plunge certainly threatened God’s dreams for us, but that threat had been anticipated and already strategically overcome in the predestination of the incarnation. Jesus Christ did not become human to fix the fall; he became human to accomplish the eternal purpose of our adoption, and in order to bring our adoption to pass, the Fall had to be called to a halt and undone …. Jesus is not a footnote to Adam and his Fall; the Fall, and indeed creation itself, is a footnote to the purpose of God in Jesus Christ.” 
What is the purpose of Jesus Christ? He makes you a son/daughter in spirit and in truth. He reigns in you and in doing so expresses His nature as you. This is the only kind of law that operates in the new testament age – the law of the spirit of life – not laws on stone or letters in books. But Jesus Christ expressed as you and I. Hidden in Jesus you are revealed as yourself, in the glory of who you were created to be and who you are becoming as you unfold in the person of Jesus. In Him will be the new creation Kingdom of God where you are in spirit and in truth.

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