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The presence of God is as real as we are. This presence is real and with us when it is felt and when it is not. Jesus can manifest His presence as a sign, which is particularly helpful when ministering to those steeped in a scientific world view that extinguishes the reality of the realm of the spirit.


But this ‘presence’ is not something separated from the ever-present Christ in and among us. Catholics are correct to speak of trans-substantiation. But the presence is not manifesting in the bread and the wine. The presence is real and manifesting in us and as us. You are the face of Jesus in your everyday ministry as yourself and as a daughter and a son of God.

Obedience, fruitfulness and healing of the wounded self depends on the Healer in us healing us at the core of our being. It’s true that we can minister life as an unhealed person. But our journey is more comfortable and joyful when we are living in the peace of a healed self.


The presence of the Spirit of God does ‘come.’ He comes to demonstrate that He is real and to evoke belief in God. Jesus lives to draw all people into Himself. Nevertheless He did say, ‘Blessed are those who have not seen but who have believed’ John 20.29 NIV. This is not an excuse to live in cessationism. But it does mean that Jesus’ promise to be in us and with us should be taken as the reality in which to live.

The major manifestation of the Spirit is you.

Leanne Payne in her book, The Healing Presence explains, [T]he presence of God is not the same as the sense of the presence of God. The latter may be due to imagination; the former may be attended with no “sensible consolation.” The act which engenders a child ought to be, and usually is, attended by pleasure. But it is not the pleasure that produces the child. Where there is pleasure there may be sterility: where there is no pleasure the act may be fertile. And in the spiritual marriage of God and the soul it is the same. IT IS THE ACTUAL PRESENCE, NOT THE SENSATION OF THE PRESENCE, OF THE HOLY GHOST WHICH BEGETS CHRIST IN US. The sense of the presence is a super-added gift for which we give thanks when it comes. This simple lesson, expressed here by C. S. Lewis, must be learned by all the saints of the Church, small and great. (1)


Our week is not split into God’s part and our segment. Christ is all and in all. You are no longer living in the illusion of good and evil dichotomies. You are the oneness of God. Christ is your life. Not your Sabbath or your church routine. The Kingdom of God is not a religion. It is Christ as you and Christ as us. This is the Body in spirit and in truth.

There is no dualism in Christ and His Kingdom, no separation in Christ Jesus which means that when Christ is our life we are living incarnated with the trinity woven into our being and expressed in ourselves in our ordinary living. IN Christ we are joined to people and joined to the earth as healers of the earth and not murders of the Creation.

Never allow the coming of the Presence to make you think that He is not present when you cannot sense Him.

There are people who have a healing ministry who are crippled by emotional disease and the wounds of their lives. They minister healing while unhealed because Jesus Graces them with His grace. The Great Healing happened when Jesus cried out ‘It is finished!’ declaring that the separation between ourselves and God was undone by Him and is undone forever in His ongoing life. Jesus is union with God. You are included in His person. You are in Christ and therefore in the Communion we call God. Father, son and Holy Spirit have made their home in you. They are the healing presence in you.

(1) Payne, Leanne. The Healing Presence (p. 26). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.