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I wrote about what Thomas Torrance called scientific theology, by which he meant reputable and valid theology founded on the kind of revelation that is God based evidence. Should we be simple-minded enough, we might dismiss theology as extraneous. It’s not. Ignorance is not bliss. Donald Trump invents his own reality which then spread like a virus as masses of ignorance people put ignorance in power. Ideas are not good because they are ours. Ideas are good when they are truth. Truth is life-giving. Lies in any form promote death – like uncontrolled virus spread.

Sincere activity is not a reason to spread a bent gospel. To live as an invalid when Christ is our life is never a valid way for a Believer to live. We can be as active as we wish in evangelism and good works - but if our theology is not God’s theology of Himself and us, we will debilitate ourselves and cripple the people to whom we minister.


Paul was right when he warned that any ‘other gospel’ attracts a curse, because it does. It numbs spiritual sensitivity. It captures the soul in spiritual humbug and disease. Do you want to live as a dead tree of a live tree?


‘But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God's curse!’ Gal 1.8 NIV.

In literature a conceit is a somewhat bizarre comparison. In theology a conceit is a belief that is wrong, bizarre and conceited. A most debilitating conceit is that described by Frank Viola in his book, Epic Jesus.


“The Colossians thought they could graduate beyond Jesus Christ. They took Him as their Lord and Saviour, but they felt that they could go beyond Jesus to higher and deeper things.” (1) Adding or subtracting from the teaching of Jesus and the apostles, subjects us to the curse of reduced life and impaired spiritual eyesight. It results in the degradation of sons.

There are no valid extra-biblical additions to the doctrine of Jesus and the apostles.


The method of belonging and transformation accords with our beginning and our destiny. There is an alpha and omega of Christ that is the alpha and omega of us. Viola continues, “God wanted to impart His life into a creature not yet created. He wanted that creature to share His life and make it visible. So God creates the invisible realm and He creates the visible realm. And He creates all things by His Son. He creates all things through His Son. And He creates all things for His Son. Consequently, the entire creation has the imprint of the Son of God upon it. Thus everything in the universe reflects Christ in some way. That includes the water, the plants, the trees, the mountains.”

Our inheritance is a state of being in God; a state in which the trinity has reached out to enfold us in itself in Christ. We would do well to get away from scriptures as the means of ticking doctrinal boxes and see scriptures as indicators of a state of being in Christ. By ‘being’ we mean ‘I AMness’.


God is life, which is why Jesus came among us saying ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.’ This infinite life is a person – a person in whom you are and who is in you.


The parable of The Sower pictures the paddock that rejects the incarnation, lives in ignorance of Christ our life and continues in humbug of a mosaic-adamic mindset, despite God’s grace of seeding Himself into our deep being.


Christ in you: God’s way of realising the dream of sharing trinitarian life with sons is realised not in laws and stipulations. But by the seeding of His being into us: Incarnation. Thus Jesus spoke of the seeding of this life as yeast and mustard seed. Life in the Christ Seed is infinite. Genuine and undilute Godliness/sonship is infused into us by God becoming us. Firstly as the son of man and secondly by the Christ being incarnated into you.

Each Believer living in the fullness of our inheritance is the manifestation of the Christ. There are manifestations of the Spirit and the presence of God. But the major manifestation of the fullness of God is you.

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