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Truth is a person. I saw this in the middle 1980s when Rev Dr Gordon Moyes was speaking on television on a Christian outreach program. His words were, ‘Christianity is not a religion. It is a person.’ One would think this is obvious but it is not. I spent much of my life ministering a learned perception of the truth. The core of this perception with many folks is that they are living out a religion and that this is pleasing to God. Living Christ our life is pleasing to God.

The reality of the age is incarnation.


People need to know that living out God directly from our being, is much more pleasing to God than living indirectly from Him through religion - the most subtle variety of idolatry. The purpose of the cross undoes our Adam and stitches up our union with God. This is the incarnation lived every day and is what Paul called ‘Christ your life.


If we see our inheritance in Christ as a religion, we will live insulated from His life by the very religion we think is our life. We have been told that there is one mediator between God and humanity, the man Christ Jesus. But we will not avail ourselves of this in fullness if we mediate his life to ourselves via externalities that have no life of their own. Religious people can get a name for piety of the hollow kind where one does specific externalities that have no substance in Godliness. Christ our life is our substance. Christ come in our flesh is the reality of Godliness.

Holiness and wholeness and the enjoyment of your life as you are meant to be comes from what you have been gifted with already: Union with God.

All need to know that Christ is in you and that because of Him, the trinity is woven into your being.

“Truth is finally a person and an encounter—much more than a concept that can be argued. We are realigned with truth when the real person meets the real God—which is exactly the stuff of spirituality, theology, and conversion.” (1)

When the real us meets the real God we are born again. Born in many case from sons of the slave woman to the sons of the free woman as sons of God.


There’s a way of excelling at spiritual dullness and a deficit of spiritual discernment. This way is a life in the law and old covenant. God’s gracing us with an effective ministry does not prevent us being a dead person walking. Only Christ our life does this.

We will not know ourselves unless we know God in this way of oneness. Such a personal encounter with God usually comes about through great pain or exposure to great love or both. There’s nothing like desperation to cast us at the foot of the cross. There’s nothing like the law to distort the real person of God and the real self of our personhood. The way to personhood and sonship is Christ come in our flesh, which is to say the Son of Man realised in the self directly and without dilution. This is Christ our life.

(1) Rohr, Richard. What the Mystics Know: Seven Pathways to Your Deeper Self. The Crossroad Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.