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Good teaching always reveals God as better than we thought and the way of Godliness more simple and less onerous than we imagined. The continued revelation to our hearts and minds is wonderful, which is why Jesus is the Wonderful Counsellor.

Half-truths and lies never make a better life. Any diluted truth binds instead of setting free. Nevertheless Believers can make a ‘home’ in lies because they think they have worked out the system and used it to their advantage. As a result they live a form of unlife that they are persuaded is life. It’s a less obvious version of darkness presenting itself as light. This darkness can be so extensive and fashionable that it has been called ‘the great darkness.’ I refer not just to aberrations of the gospel but to the wide-spread habit of making religion out of overcoming separation from God – when Believers are not in fact separated.


Jeff Turner highlights this imbroglio beautifully when he writes, “‘There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death’ PROVERBS 16:25

“This “way” that “appears to be right” does not necessarily refer to sin, immorality or general godlessness, but to any natural inclination of man towards God that is inaccurate and therefore leads to death. On our own we tend to perceive Him in the context of our own sense of shame, fear and anxiety, and always in light of our religious upbringing. No one is ever – no, not even those who fancy themselves theological giants simply beholding an untouched, factory fresh portrait of God. Though done in ignorance, we are almost always following the crooked trails blazed by those who preceded us. As this process continues over time, we eventually end up believing in and serving a “God” who looks nothing like the true and living God who is the Father of all.”


This is why we insist on knowing the Christ of God rather than a false christ in, a false gospel of our own invention – except such deviations are never entirely the work of human beings. They are seeded by demonic spirits intent on watering down the gospel in order to retard the Kingdom of Christ and the reign of the saints in their own lives and in the world.
Ensure that the gospel that you have is actually a Christian Gospel.