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How do we become incarnated with God? By belief in the incarnation and making this the reality of our lives. Reality it what one believes. Believe a lie and we will live in it and deny the truth to sustain it. Light and truth is a threat to all who create an alternative reality. Such denial is causes death at first in the spirit, then the soul before making itself to the outside world where thousands of people a day catch covid 19, even though much of it could have been prevented.

Believe the truth and the truth will become us and we will be vindicated with increased life. It’s notable that Jesus did not missionize religion. He came to undo lies and liberate people to life to the full.

‘The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’ John 10.10 NIV.


Jesus ministered as He did because He and Father were one. Not because He had an anointing. He was anointed however. But because He and His Father were one. Not because he had this special thing going.

The Gospel of the Kingdom starts with union with God. That’s its essence. It starts with cross, leaps forward at the resurrection and instils itself in us by the incarnation. Christ our life is the Gospel of the Kingdom. Gifts and healing are signs of this Kingdom. Union with God is the core.

Jesus had the Spirit without limit as a result of His oneness with Father. This ‘oneness’ in which persons are
fully themselves, yet part of God is what we now have in Jesus. God is incarnated in us. This is the ground of our being and the soil of our life in the Spirit – in regard to union with God and with the infilling of Holy Spirit. Christ our life is the guarantee of the fruits and the gifts sustained and unpolluted by extraneous sources.


Grace is the person of Jesus and the fullness of the trinity. Grace is God in you and for you. The abundance of grace is infused into our being through the incarnation – which John called, ‘Christ come in our flesh.’ This defines the difference between this gospel of the Kingdom and lesser gospels that subvert the mystery of Christ in us. The warning against
the substitution of the law for incarnation is blunt. Here is a scripture whose primary meaning is not about spirits who peep and mutter. It’s about gospels that are no gospel at all.


One can be a Christian and part of the Body of Christ yet have but a shadow of His life. A shadow because the reality is obscured by bad teaching and aberrant gospels that are a subversion of the foundation of the Kingdom of God. A subversion because reality is Christ in you and the trinity manifesting as you and the church. Christ is the fountain of our life and we do ourselves a disservice by inventing our own ‘fountains.’


If we have made a life from the law we have made a life from
the letter that kills. The source of the law is words and words on stone – and words divorced from being. This is to say divorced from union with God. (A law mindset always separates us from God) *. When we talk of the importance of ‘being’ we mean that our being is real and our being is whole because we have our being in God. We and our Father are one.


Thomas Torrance writes,
“. . . Rationalistic fundamentalists are those who think they can treat biblical statements as independent from the ultimate Being to whom they refer.

Once this move is made they can then apply preconceived rational structures to fit biblical statements (such as “God is love”) into a dogmatic system.
But this would be to commit the error.. namely to impose our own systems of logic on the subject matter of enquiry rather than letting it teach us its own inherent logic.

Such systems of doctrine tend to [become the] legalistic constructs of our own minds where we may seem to put grace at the center of a theological system but instead end up with a new legalistic system that does not really set people free in Christ.
” (1) This is how we can talk membership of the Body of Christ, yet live in a separation of being because we have castrated ourselves in the law.

‘As for those agitators, I wish they would go the whole way and emasculate themselves!’ Gal 5.12 NIV.


A castrated man is deprived of his essence as a man. As a result talking sonship while living in the law is to grasp a sonship that is without substance. We are notional sons in Adam. We are authentic sons in Christ. We live in law if we have attributed sacredness to all laws, one law, if we live from Christian values rather than an incarnated Christ or if we make religion the substitute for the reality of incarnated living. The letter kills because the letter is words without ‘being’ and precepts without life. We can be genuinely alive in Christ our life, or we can live as dead men talking.


The ‘inherent logic’ to which Torrance refers in the quote above is the logic of the incarnation – the dynamic which undoes the knowledge of good and evil and the law. This is the Creative living force that is Christ and who replaces the law with Himself as our life. A Christ who is subordinate to the law or positioned to advance the law is a false christ and not the Christ of God. A person who lives from the law is an abstraction rather than a son of God.


Your life in Christ does not come from a scripture, a position statement or a belief system because life does not flow from the letter that kills. Life is a state of being which is what you have as a result of the cross, the atonement and the incarnation. You have been drawn into God’s life. This is Christ’s life as your life; Christs fellowship in the trinity as your fellowship. This fellowship, this union transcends space and time because it just is. It’s a state of being. It’s the I AM of you in the I AM of God.


‘Then the man who had received one bag of gold came. 'Master,' he said, 'I knew that you are a hard man, harvesting where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed’ MATT 25.24 NIV. The one bag means, ‘Your grace cannot be that good. I would sooner stick to the law rather than believe something as nebulous as You being my life.’ This is Adam’s unbelief re-visited.

The treasure belongs to you. But it’s not yours if you
leave it in the ground.


The result of believing what God believes, is that you are interwoven into God and God is interwoven into you. You are woven into the fellowship of the trinity – the fullness of fellowship with three persons who are one God.


Supernatural healing is a sign that the gospel of the Kingdom is active. But a woman is not properly healed if her paralysed hand is healed and she is dying of cancer. Similarly we are not healed if we have an eye healed but continue to live in old covenant Adamic separation. Grace comes to the rescue but grace is always superior when grace is allied with truth.

Supernatural healing is a sign of the new covenant – that God has healed our separation from Him and that we are now one with God to receive God’s life and advance into our sonship. Francois Du Toit expertly puts it another way.


Much of popular Christian doctrine reduces the life and teaching of Jesus to yet another ‘display-window’ message, while the very intent of God was to uncover the blueprint life of our design in Christ as in a mirror, where he is introduced to us not as Christ in history, or Christ in outer space, nor even as Christ in a future event, but as Christ in you! This alone completes your every expectation!” Col 1:27. (2)

The Gospel of Jesus and the apostles is much simpler than later aberrations have made it. It is simple, cogent and comprehensive because it draws you into infinity and places infinity in you. You have your being in God and you disburse life because you are spirit and life. You are spirit and life because Christ is you.

* This is why the Enemy uses it so effectively to handcuff Believers.
  1. (1) (taken from: Participatio: Journal of the Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship, 22-23)
  2. (2) Published in Facebook by Francois Du Toit.