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Perichoresis is a Greek word that has special relevance to our union with God. In this union we are one with God and at the same time totally ourselves. This is the mystery and paradox of life in the Spirit – our incarnated, post cross life Kingdom Life.


Baxster Kruger writes, “There is nothing ordinary about us and the life we live. Caring for others, from orphans to our friends and the poor, our love for our husbands and wives and children, our passion for music and beauty, for coaching, gardening and fishing; these things do not have their origin in us. They are not something that we invented. It is all coming from the Father, Son and Spirit. When this dreadful secular/sacred divide is exploded, we can see and honour life as it truly is—the gift of participating in the life and relationship of the Father, Son and Spirit.”

The sacred/secular dichotomy is a delusion that belongs to Adam’s era of good and evil separatism. Incarnation means oneness with Christ and oneness with the creation.

‘And this is the plan: At the right time he will bring everything together under the authority of Christ—everything in heaven and on earth’ EPH 1.10 NLT.


Christ our life is our life. Jesus is where we are and the ‘when’ of His Presence is our everyday experience of catching the bus and putting out the garbage bins. Because Christ is in us and woven into our being, we are holy because He is holy. We have a Sabbath life. As such we are able to impart this spirit and life at any time, at all times and to any place. As part of God, as a daughter and a son you impart this wholeness, this spirit and life to your daily life. As such you have a Sabbath life that is closer to God than the Sabbath life Adam and Eve had with God in Eden.


In Jesus, God is woven into your being, which means that God is woven into your life. You live in fellowship with the trinity. Some reflection might lead us to see that the person whose Christ Life is her daily living has more fun and more genuine holiness than the man who has constructed pieties out of religion.

The ‘religious mind’ finds it easy to believe that there is something impure about ordinary life. The Son of God out and about in Palestine puts paid to that. Knowing that you are one with God is constant communion – not in piety and effort but in a state of union with which we are graced from first to last. Prayer is always useful. It’s conversation and a state of being. It’s a state of our being one with God and knowing it; of living in Him and with Him as a state of normal life. Jesus does not have to be badgered into doing things. As a spirit He is in us and among us and as life itself He is germinating and nurturing His people and His Kingdom.


The best kind of religion has you living from the fact of your union with God. This is more spirituality than religion. Union is already a fact. Seizing this reality with fear and trembling is about living in the radical grace that God has given us. Grace is never a means of coping with the law. Grace is Christ’s life as your life.

The law is not the entity or issue that frames the core of life. The triune God is the Communion into which you have been drawn to live life without limit in the world.


It’s not a bargain or contract.

I was saddened to hear a good man say on the radio that He forgave someone who had murdered his wife so that God would forgive him. We need not twist God’s arm to gain forgiveness. That’s not the God who is the Christ and our Father. The cross forgives the entire world and secures our companionship with God and with heaven. But we agree that this is ours it and live in this reality so that through us heaven appears on earth. Heaven is not only on earth when a limb gets healed or an eye miraculously sees again. Heaven is where you are when you live in the fact that Father, Son and Holy Spirit live in you to express their life in you.


God does not come to you because you do a good deed or are in some religious setting. He’s not with you more on one day than on any other day. In Jesus you have an Easter Life of continual renewal and resurrection. In Jesus you are baptised in the communion that is God. In Jesus you have a Sabbath life of peace and stability of being. In Jesus the sacrament is you and your Christ-life lived into your week. Jesus comes to you because the at-one-ment is real. Jesus is just as much in you whether you are at home or at church. He is just as much with you when you are engaged in praise and worship as He is when you are reading Banjo Paterson. In the post-cross age you have a holy life. You are holy because Jesus is holy and in a manner of speaking, Jesus is you. That’s incarnation.


In this age the trinity and its love and communion lives in your heart. It makes its way from there to your spirit, soul and body and out to you marriage, family and social network. The Kingdom of God is within us and makes it way to the world through us.

You create your reality which is why we need to believe what Jesus believes. ‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. This is the incarnation and the key fact of the new testament age. Genuine spirituality is about our union with God and our sonship that is the result.


There is a kind of religion that is entirely the wrong focus. “Re-ligio(“rebinding, re-ligamenting”) is not doing its job if it only reminds you of your distance, your unworthiness, your sinfulness, and your inadequacy before God’s greatness.

Whenever religion actually increases the gap, it becomes anti-religion instead.

I am afraid we have lots of anti-religion in all denominations. I always figured that was the meaning of the very first devil Jesus met and had to exorcise; notice it was living in the synagogue itself (Mark 1:21–28). So I am not talking about the devils of secularism, scientism, or atheism. I am talking about the common blockages and boundary markers inside religion itself—anything that deliberately increases the gap between my unworthiness and the “supreme majesty” of God—the exact and very gap that Jesus came to deny and undo.” (1)

Bob once remarked to me that even if George did not have much of Christ ‘at least George had religion.’ Not a good insight. Religion has a subtle ability to separate us from God while pretending Godliness. Religion is good at insulating us from God.


When Jesus cried ‘It is finished’ on the cross the multitudinous separations wrought by Adam were undone. The fall was negated and the separations indicated by the temple and its rooms were annulled. The ripped curtain signifies our union with God. Christ in you is the reality of your union with God. Your inheritance is the same union that Jesus has with His Father and Holy Spirit. Just agree and possess what is yours. It is this reality that empowers this adventurous life:

‘I have given them the glory You gave Me, so that they may be one as We are one— I in them and You in Me—that they may be perfectly united, so that the world may know that You sent Me and have loved them just as You have loved Me’ John 17.22 NIV.

(1) Rohr, Richard. Immortal Diamond: The search for our true self. SPCK. Kindle Edition.
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