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Genuine holiness comes from wholeness. The Source of wholeness and completeness is our triune God. The one way to be holy as God is holy is to agree with God that Christ is our life. The beauty and power of the incarnation is that God is in you and with you. Jesus is not confined to religious places or times but is in you and in your Everyday. With Christ as our life, we have the privilege of living a holy life without artifice – because the two have been made one. There is no sacred and secular dichotomy in the post cross age. There never was in pre-cross times as the Psalmist well knew as He worshiped God while tending the sheep. In joining us to God Jesus has joined heaven to earth.


When Christ is mediated as our life, we become channels of His life into dry places. Rivers of living water really do flow from our being because in Christ we have become life itself.


There is no dualism in our life in Christ, no split life. God is woven into our being in the incarnation. Christ come in our flesh is the difference between Joan living in religion and Bob living as a channel of wholeness and life.

Some, in their search for security, are fond of saying that God never changes. This is an unfortunate view of God who lives in a state of constant becoming yet is always God and always the unity in diversity that is the trinity. If what we really mean is that we never change, we have reason for concern, since we may have died long ago. With some folks. stagnation is a synonym for faith. As sons and daughters of God we have been redeemed to live in a state of becoming. To live in such becoming is to be alive in the image of God.


Lest not insulate ourselves from God with religion. Good religion – which is actually not religion but spiritualty if our incarnated lives are together with God. You have direct union with Jesus at all times. It takes some daring to live in the radical reality of our inheritance – of us woven into God to become the manifestation of God.

People sometimes light a candle to symbolise the presence of Holy Spirit. But you are the flame. You are the manifestation of God and the shining of His presence. Religion is a means. It must never be a substitute for the Presence of God in you and with you. Anything that stands in the place of Christ is an idol.


A wonderful feature of the human person is the ability to re-invent the self within the essence of one’s self. Not only can we repent. But we can become! With a positive attitude we can sometimes become what we admire in others and what we would like to be in our better selves. This is so if we are whole and not suffering from some mental disability. And even more so if we live in the unfolding dynamic of the resurrection of Jesus in us. The adventure of a born-again life is that we can expect constant renewal as we participate in the revelation of Jesus in us and around us.


The most interesting and vital persons are those who are imaginative visionaries. They freely express different facets of themselves and are open throughout the entirety of their lives to possibility and potential. Free in Jesus to be ourselves we can be of a jolly disposition because we are flourishing in grace. The most genuinely Godly people are often the funniest with an excellent sense of humour. Why? They live in joy.


You can own a property, but it may not be in vacant possession because someone has it as a rental. Once you insist on vacant possession it’s yours in principle and in fact.

Richard Rohr’s writing emphasises the belonging that is ours in God while inviting us to possess our inheritance in spirit and in truth. Don’t let it languish in ‘vacant possession’.


While everyone belongs, not all have embraced their belonging because they have been socialised in separationist ideology. It’s one thing to claim inclusion in the body in the letter and another to be living it in Spirit and in truth. Rohr writes,


“We are never an object to God. God cannot but love God’s image in us. So a fully Christian theology and philosophy of the human person must say that human personhood originates in the divine Logos, the eternal Christ, as imitations and reflections of God’s relationship to Godself. We are constituted by the same relationship that exists between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!” (1) Christ our life is our ultimate personhood. Astute persons will perceive that this is also the reason why the law as an abstraction is not our life and why the letter kills life. Christ is our life and anything else is not.

We are certainly fearfully and wonderful made as the Psalmist notes. And we are far more wonderful that the legalist or fundamentalist would have us believe. As sons we enjoy a similar relationship with God that the trinity have with each other. You can live in the law/religion as a reduced you. You can live Christ your life as an infinitely developing you.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Divine Dance: The Trinity and your transformation (Kindle Locations 1300-1303). SPCK. Kindle Edition.