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We are factually one with Christ as Believers. Just as Jesus and His Father were one, so we are one with God in fellowship and sonship. Jesus urged us to live in the interwoveness with the Holy Family that is ours when He said, ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.


We need to realize this for our own benefit and for the benefit of those to whom we minister, so that what we offer them is spirit and life and not mere religion. This is important because what we believe is the reality we create for ourselves to live in. If we imagine separation between ourselves and God we live in separation we waste much effort in futile attempts to gain what is already our inheritance.

Holy Spirit anointing does not undo separation. Atonement, incarnation, the perichoresis of the trinity in you and around you does this.

We belong to the Body of Christ when we believe that we and our Father are one. We belong objectively because of the atonement. We belong in actuality in oneness with God when we believe we do. We neutralise this oneness with a legalistic mindset.


Belonging is ours even if we do not believe it. But it is not experienced if we believe a lie. This is why ignorance of the incarnation and accommodation to the notion of separation is called ‘the great darkness.’ This is the kind of darkness that some Believers call ‘light.’

God’s secret plan revealed in Jesus is radical, mysterious, paradoxical and real. The result is Christ come in our flesh. The effect of the cross is superbly described by Dr Garry Deddo.


Having been permanently joined to the Person of Christ via the Incarnation (with its hypostatic union), human nature was sanctified, transformed, renewed, regenerated and glorified in Christ. We could also say, as does T.F. Torrance, that the human nature Jesus assumed was personalized in who Christ is (as the God‐man) and in what he has done.”


Holy Communion is less about the cross and more about the fact that we now participate in the perichoresis of the trinity. We have been drawn into God by the Christ of God.

Our union with God is personal on God’s account and personal on ours. It requires a personal response and personal participation in the fact of Christ our life. It is Christ who is our life. Not religion, not the law and not the sacraments.


The Lord’s Table is the Sign that Christ becomes us in that we become the expression of His person as sons of God. The Lord’s Table is the reminder of what already is.

As Jesus said, ‘Those who eat Me will live because of Me.’ This is not only eternal life. It is to be alive with His spirit and life. Without this we can be dead men walking and dead women talking.

We participate in Christ’s life; in His fellowship with the Holy Family in the incarnation. Holy Spirit makes the incarnation and all it represents real in our everyday experience.


Deddo continues, “
As we, by the Holy Spirit, participate in the vicarious, perfected humanity of Jesus, we are able to have, in and through Christ, full fellowship with God. This participation in Christ’s sanctified and glorified humanity is possible because Christ’s humanity is now at the root of all humanity and because the Holy Spirit, through his ongoing ministry, sets us free to receive from and to participate with Christ. It is on this two‐fold basis that we have union and communion with Christ (what the New Testament refers to as “union with Christ” or being “in Christ,” or being “indwelt” by the Holy Spirit).”

This union has nothing to do with the law, other than that the law is irrelevant. The life-giving effect comes from our participation in the person and the life of Jesus and our communion with the communion of the trinity. This is what it means to belong to the body of Christ – belonging to that community who are the expression of Christ as themselves.

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