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There may come a time when we need to realise that what we have been taught about Christianity is not the Gospel of Jesus and therefore not the Kingdom of God. It may be just a depleted and drought ridden version

of christianity or then again, what has been passed on to us may be closer to a cult.


If it is rooted in a garden that has no regard to the teaching of Jesus, Paul and the Church Fathers it is unlikely to be Christ’s Gospel and more probably a ‘gospel’ that obscures the truth that Christ is in us to share His inheritance and being with us.


All ‘wrong gospels’ have separation from God in common and what they are selling is some slant or some ‘key’ of theirs that supposedly secures access to God. But your access and oneness with God is Jesus Christ who has you and you have Him.

You are one with God.


“Jesus announces the conclusion of his amazing mission: his brilliant act of salvation was not to reserve a place for a few in a distant heaven, but to redeem our oneness!

He boldly declares, “I and the Father are one! If you have seen me you have seen the Father.”

“Anything we thought that we knew about God that is unlike Jesus is not God. “In that day (the day that you hear the good news) you will know that I am in my Father and you in me and I in you!” God is closer to you than your next breath! Any definition of distance is replaced with oneness. Oneness is not the end result of our diligent striving to get closer to God; oneness is the discovery of a union made in heaven - and a reconciliation that realizes this union here and now as the supreme reality of or being!” (1)


God is not somewhere else, not concentrated in particular days or special places but in in you. God is not contained in things Jewish - so there is no need idolise Jewish cultural artifacts. He is not contained in churches, although we may be together to celebrate His life as ours. Christ is not religion, but we can live the Christian religion incarnated with Jesus. Even so we are better to live our Kingdom Life as an incarnation rather than as a religion because religion is an abstraction and incarnation is the trinity in us.


We really do participate in the divine nature. But not through the law as some have been preposterously taught. We share in the Divine Nature in the person of Jesus Christ. The reality of this sharing is Christ. He is the reality of oneness because in Jesus our humanity is united with God and God’s humanity is united with us. We become one in the same kind of oneness that God is – three persons one God.


“Athanasius ardently wishes to ensure that human beings are truly divinized [participate in the divine nature]. To ensure this, he emphasizes that the Son must be truly God, for only if such is the case can genuine divinization take place. Moreover, the Son must assume an authentic humanity, for only in such an assumption is the assumed full humanity divinized. Likewise, the union between the Son’s divinity and his humanity must be such that they are one, for only if the Son exists humanly can his humanity, and thus all human beings, be actually taken up into the divine life of his Father.” These criteria are met in Jesus Christ who joins us to God and God to us so that each is woven into the being of the others. There is no foreign element such as the law in this. It is entirely personal, entirely being and the essence of the spirit of sonship realised by God in the Christ of God.”

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