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The transfiguration of Jesus on the Mount was much more than a shock of brightness. It was the incarnation made visible. The effect of pulpit ministry is important but small in the overall scale of things. The effect of Christ in us and the outworking of His presence into our person and relationships is the stuff of the new creation life of Jesus in us.


This is the ordinary day to day presence of Jesus in you and I. It’s His transforming presence, His mentoring, guidance and His speaking to us out of the everyday ordinariness that is our life. Here we see that there is nothing ordinary about our daily routine since is is transfigured with the supernatural spirit-life of Jesus, the Father and Holy Spirit.

When Paul spoke of Christ our life he was speaking of the incarnation and more. He meant the vicarious humanity of Jesus. When Jesus spoke of being the way, the truth and the life He was talking of the same thing - His reality as a distinct person and His incarnation in us as spirit and life.


The beauty of this is that every person grows into their design, into the reality of their true identity as a result of the Christ transfusing our being with His personal presence. This is the meaning of the Lord’s Table and His saying, ‘Those who eat me will live because of me.’ Jesus remarks were not directed to eternal life alone. The were about the life that begins when we invite Him to be our life. Here we have both infinite and eternal life and a life that is uniquely us. This is how Christ in you is both a present glory and the unfolding of your unique personhood in a way that fills a gap and creates richness in the tapestry of creation. In Christ you impart heaven to earth by being yourself!

I have mentioned before that Christ lives in you, is incarnated in you not only to make you an instrument of the miraculous - but to accomplish the task of being you and being a you who is alive rather than un-dead.


‘We need to go back to the incarnation. We have seen what the incarnation of the Son of God means. First and foremost, the coming of the Triune life of God into human existence. It was not just God, a bare and abstract divinity or divine power, who became man. It was the beloved Son. The eternal Son of the Father. And it was not just any divine life that set up shop inside human existence. It was nothing less than the eternal divine life of the Father, Son and Spirit. What entered into our world and into our human existence in Jesus Christ was nothing less than the great dance of life shared by the Father, Son and Spirit. The life of Jesus Christ is, first and foremost,

the living out of this Trinitarian life inside human existence.’ C Baxter Kruger in The Great Dance.


If there is a hierarchy of sins - near the top of the list would be neglecting to become who you actually are - because you settled for something less than Christ your life.

The task of being yourself is the main task of your life. You are bound by duty, destiny, love for Jesus and love of yourself to be who you were created to be. Here in Christ, with Him as your life your spirit is alive. You live, move and have your being in God and as such you are a son/daughter in spirit and in truth. Be aware that one need not become a professional minister to minister Christ. We minister best when we are who we are just as Father and Son are ‘I am who I am.’ In this mode of being, in the Spirit of Sonship we can say with confidence where we are. “ I AM has sent me.’