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We have a new life in Christ. This is the Christ incarnated life that is the possession of all who believe. Yet there are many about who do not live in their inheritance because they remain in the old covenant or a mixture of new and old. When Paul talks of Christ our life, he means that Christ is our everything. Don’t expect inner healing of any great extent or the experience of comfort and grace in everyday living if Moses/Adam is your life and Christ is just an adjunct.

Jesus is not the supervisor of a Moses Life. He is the incarnator of Himself in you.

The core of life is our enfolding in the trinitarian God. The Big Deal of the new testament age is not the law. Nor is it a Christ empowered means of keeping the law. The post cross life has nothing to do with the law. Jesus’ Gift to us was not a form of moralism with a Jesus’ Boost. Jesus’ Gift to us was Himself as our life. Unless we understand that our salvation in Christ is not a new form of the knowledge of good and evil - unless we know that Christ presents Himself as our life, we will distort the Gospel in the manner of Margaret Court. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, yet there are those who are hooked on the idea that the gospel is about ‘calling out’ sin. This does not mean that our degradations are irrelevant to Jesus. It means that He is THE WAY and a Christian version of the knowledge of good and evil is not.


People can be afraid of leaving moralism and religion behind. Anyone would be if that’s all they have. Yet when we live in the Spirit, we have a hugely abundant life of comfort and security in God because Christ and the trinity is woven into our being. Our everyday life is our Christ-Life. Real spirituality is about life and not about religion. Yet many cling to the mouldy rib-cage of the old covenant of self-effort and self-validation.

If there is a reason for an un-healed, grumpy life in which the wounds of the past are never healed, it’s because we live Christianity minus incarnation. Christ in us, heals us of self-inflicted wounds and the wounds inflicted by others.


‘He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant--not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life’ 2 COR 3.6 NIV. As sincere as we may be, if we are not ministers of the new covenant we are not minister of life.


Many cling to the old covenant because their career, ministry and sense of self is built on it.

Michael Kepler writes, “You’ll find many in the ministry today who get nervous about discussing the covenants in the context of two separate arrangements, and they are unwilling to concede that the Old Covenant became obsolete when it was put aside and replaced with a new one.

“Yet we see where this is plainly written in the seventh and eighth chapters of Hebrews. In the mind of God, it was over after the sacrifice of Jesus.

“However, there were many Jewish people who came to faith in Christ back then, people who did not yet understand that the Old had been wiped out, and they would still abide by much of it, including animal sacrifices. They would also continue to meet on the weekly Sabbath and read portions of the law of Moses and the prophets, with very limited or no understanding of the finished work of Christ. So in that sense, it was “becoming” obsolete, which is why the writer of Hebrews is taking pretty much the entire book to explain all of this to his Jewish brethren.”

It has taken many years for the Kingdom Jesus began and gifted us to be understood and owned. The First Christians and Church Fathers had more of it than most of us. The life and freshness of the Kingdom became institutionalised and did not break forth anew until the Reformation. Even then grace was seen by most as an ability to deal with the law and moralism, rather than Christ in us and as us. In our day, due to apostolic teachers who have discovered the reality of Christ our life in the Church Fathers the mediation of Christ as Himself instead of Jesus as a mediator of the law is being understood and lived – at times much to the discomfort of the religious who have a vested interest in their imagined accomplishments and the entitlement they think it brings.


We are over 2000 years further on than the First Christians. Yet many today live a half-life in the old covenant or bits of life in a mixture of the new and the old covenants. Sure, we will go to eternal life in this version of Godliness, but we will not have multiplied rivers of God’s life during our time in the body, even if we are Christians.

Christ come in you, does not need a top-up from the law. Any addition from the law dilutes our oneness with Christ and in some cases suffocates all of it. Independence from God separates us from God, but old covenant religion does this just as much.


Adam and Eve were not separate from God before the fall. The fall separated human beings in their minds and hearts. But they were still loved by God. In the fullness of time God came in the person of His Son to undo separation. God used Jesus of Nazareth to undo separation and draw us into the communion of Himself. You were made to live in God and now you do – since the cross. If you believe. Simply believe where you are and live in this reality.


Leanne Payne writes, “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all’ 2 Cor 13:14 [ Notice that the trinity are real and distinct persons, yet one God. It is this communion that means that God is love in actuality not just as an abstraction]

“To speak of the true self, of personality at all—that is of man as fully human—is to speak of man’s [real] fellowship with God and with others. Even before the Fall, with its catastrophic disruption of all relationships, God said: It is not good for the man to be alone. .” (Gen. 2:18). The poet Milton, commenting on this word, said: “Loneliness is the first thing which God’s eye named not good.” We know ourselves only in relation to God and others.” (2)

We know God in oneness with Christ. We know and become ourselves in oneness with Christ. We gain the ability to grace others with love and acceptance as we agree that the trinity lives in us and is with us.

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