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Athanasius wrote, “For the Lord touched all parts of creation, and freed and undeceived them all from every deceit.” Freedom from deceit is found in the mind of Christ, in the Gospel of Jesus and the apostles and never in our own made up gospels.

It’s sad to think one could come to the end of their lives and realise they had never lived. Sadder still if one had never lived but thought one had. The Christ-life is largely invisible and strangely present. Invisible because it yields freedom, comfort and grace to the inner person, yet possessed of a mysterious power called spirit and life that touches people with heaven.


God sent His Son among us to disrupt degrading and limiting ideas that had been sown among us by the Father of Lies. Distorted ideas about God and ourselves are more than theological aberrations and intellectual anomalies. They are cunningly devised fables that spread like cancers in religious cultures. They are doctrines of demons. Such stories began with the witchcraft of the Snake in the Garden. Some resist such descriptions as being too confronting. But they are confronting to them because they have habitually made their lives out of the fog of spiritual fictions.


There is little as confronting as truth to supposition.

Living from religion may appear harmless enough. Not really. Anything that dulls our spirit as does religion insulates us from God and from our real selves. We can talk the spirit of sonship from a religious standpoint and live it out freely when Christ is our life. Sonship is less a belief and more a state of being. Sonship ours by living the incarnated life. It is never ours in more than droplets by living from the law.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20.


Some have never realised this and exhibit no intention to do so. They would rather take things into their own hands, be their own person in ‘received ideas’ and as a result never be a real person at all. Real persons are always sons of God in spirit and in truth. In spirit and in truth because Christ is their life and as such they are one with trinity, enjoying their company interwoven in their being. Submerged in God we are revealed as ourselves.

You have a Source who is your beginning and your destiny. This is our alpha and omega in Jesus and our home and stepping forth to adventure from the life-hub of the trinity in which we live, move and have our being. We can define ourselves as Christians as adherents of this religion. Yet we are sons in truth only when we and our Father are one. This union is ours simply by believing and stepping into the reality of Christ our life. When Christ is our life because He is – and we agree wit Jim that He is we become a real self, a true self and a son/daughter of God in spirit and in truth.


James B Torrance writes, “The false argument has been used that only a man can represent a male Jesus. But this portrays an inadequate understanding of the incarnation. The Son of God, in assuming our humanity, became a man, not to sanctify maleness, but our common humanity so that, be we men or women, we can see the dignity and beauty of our humanity sanctified in him.”

Only Christ our life can make us a real human and a real son/daughter of God because Reality is Christ. Only Christ Joe’s life makes Joe who Joe is by creation and redemption. Jesus is the alpha and omega of the real us.