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Mary worked diligently at her job. She gave herself to her work. She had her ‘God Time’ at the end of the week. She thought little of God while busy at her career. She invested herself in what she called her ‘secular realm’ with gusto. And then gave God what she imagined was his due at the weekend with her church work. Here her contribution was dutiful, rather than inspired. It contained drops of spirit and life rather than rivers. Drops because God is grace and drops because ‘drops’ is all the old covenant can produce.

A bisected reality is the main symptom of a life in Adam. But you have a life in Christ.

Mary’s bisected reality allowed her to think of her time and God’s time, her work and God’s work, her money and God’s money. As though she and her universe were cut down the middle by a Trump like line between the USA and Mexico. But God is not divided, and Jesus lives to bring all things together in Himself.


There is no separation in Christ in whom all things have their meaning and existence.

New Testament living is entirely and exclusively Christ our life. We live in His time and His space with abandon because ALL OF LIFE IS THE PROVINCE OF OUR LIFE IN HIS.

‘And this is the plan: At the right time he will bring everything together under the authority of Christ—everything in heaven and on earth’ Eph 1.10 NLT.

This is the light of the Age of the New Adam. No compartments, no false dichotomies, no sacred and secular boxes, because Christ is all and in all – as He always was. The world came into being through Him and found its life in Him. In the age of the new covenant that began at Jesus’ death, the curtain that separates God’s reality from private realities and separate realities was undone. The great separation and great darkness was, no more - unless we choose to live in it.

When we live in Christ’s union of being, we overflow with His spirit and life. When we contain His life in supposedly holy times and sacred places, we artificially restrict His life and stifle the new creation’s advance. We have created a religious life rather than a new creation.


Jesus said, ‘I am the way the truth and the life.’ Jesus is I AM as in God. He is the way to God. We come to the family of God through Jesus. He is life itself - the creation finds its being and purpose in Jesus in particular and in the trinity in general. Just as the trinity is relationship so the component parts of the creation find their being and purpose in relationship. Another way of putting this is that for us and the creation to flourish and fulfil its destiny, we must live in God, which is to live in spirit and life. Living in times and places is not living in spirit and life. Christ our life is spirit and life. This life is not ours because we are busy or because we have a ministry. It is ours because we are immersed in union with God and not hamstrung in the law.


The law of the spirit of life that Paul talks of is people being themselves in the Trinitarian life of God.

God has achieved this for us in His Son. We are drawn into the life of God which is to be in fellowship and relationship and to have their presence within our being. Thus each of us in our person becomes the manifestation of God, His life and His qualities. Christ and the Holy Family have come in our flesh and we are the embodiment of His life. This quote from Richard Rohr puts it well.

We are called to embody the love of God in our lives. Not just talk about it or think about it or pray about it. We must live it in our guts, our muscles, our hearts, our eyes, our ears, and our tongues. We manifest that love when we share the ordinary rhythm of life with others who are likewise seeking to grow in love and compassion. Such love naturally expresses itself communally, even within God: Christians recognize in God a trinity of persons, traditionally called the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; it is their self-giving
love for one another that, in Dante's words, "moves the sun and other stars." The basic "sacramental principle" is this: we can know spiritual things through the physical world and bodily actions
. (1)


Mary was born again. This was a surprise for Mary. She had always seen herself as a born again ‘moral’ and ‘Christian living’ person. But she came to see that ‘born again’ had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the cross and the resurrection. In other words, in the death of her Adam/Moses life and the start of her Jesus/incarnated with God life. Not only had Mary been made whole. In her was life and that life was life that touched others with the spirit and life that flowed from her. ‘Truly’ remarked Mary, ‘If I had not been born again, I would not have been able to see the Kingdom of God, like I do now!’

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