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This post follows naturally from a previous post, the topic of which was that Christ is our life, our identity and our righteousness because we are the expression of God by the Spirit in Jesus Christ. Why make a life in religion whose focus is to achieve what you already have? Your gift is incarnation. Your possession is union with God in Jesus Christ.

The gifts of the Spirit are not life in the Spirit. Life in the Spirit is new covenant oneness with God. If we are not living Christ our life, we are not in the Spirit.

I used to be big on miracles and signs. This is because before this I was too small on them, having been raised in a culture of cessationism. I have seen people healed and participated with Jesus in ministering His healing and gifts of the Spirit.

It’s not a matter of balance. It’s about truth.

I am not exactly ‘small’ on the gifts now. Because I am aware that the main manifestation of the Spirit of Christ is you and I and the church incarnated with the fullness of God. This is not to deny the gifts or retreat into a form of godliness without power. But it is to live in the fact that the main deal of the post cross age is Christ in you – Christ your life, Christ come in the flesh of the Believer – all of which is the incarnation. Also known as the trinity in you.

A familiarity with the scriptures, the teaching of the Church Fathers and reformed theology attests that the incarnation is core. It’s what Paul taught and what John affirmed. Oneness with God is the result – our interwoveness with God in Everyday Living. The incarnation is the basis of the gifts and the anointing.


One cannot be tied to the law and in the Spirit. We may move in the gifts, yet not be in the Spirit. We are not in the Spirit if we are living in Adamic separation, even if we do some of the gifts. Life in the Spirit is oneness with Christ as per the Nicaean Creed. The eucharist affirms the reality in which it is ours to live.


Kriston Couchey wrote perceptively on Facebook, “I fully agree with what Martin Smith said, "Signs, wonders, and miracles are for the immature." I also would add, for unbelieving individuals. [Particularly individuals who reject Christ our life]

“We don't see the church wholesale walk in these manifestations fully because these things in the life of someone who is still wounded, offended, and unhealed, tends to be seen as a God's approval of themselves and non-approval of others who don't function that way.

“It also tends to be used as a circus show by the untested and immature and brings approval of men and creates disciples of a cultish nature.

“Gods true revival is seen in embracing who God says about who we are in His eyes; a fully loved, accepted and forgiven child.

“Our identity as sons of God in rest and confidence is the place of maturity, and is the awakening God is bringing. Signs and wonders are the things that follow sons. We don't follow signs and wonders. We follow the Fathers heart of love and rest within us.
In this place of rest, power and glory naturally flow in signs and wonders. They are normal and not a means for fame and finances

The main sign is an incarnated and healed life in which one grows into who one is as a son/daughter of God.