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The new covenant is the God’s plan realised for you and for us all. It’s the at-one-ment that gives us the fellowship with God that each member of the trinity enjoys with each other. This is totally a gift. It is never earned, nor can it be.


These brought to us life and light because these are the qualities of the trinity. In them is ‘no darkness at all.’ Neither is there any shadow of death. Jesus lived in the fellowship of the trinity in this infinity of light and life. As one of them Jesus was light and life.

The new covenant - in which Christ is our life - means that this ‘light and life’ is ours. “
As He is, so are we in the world.”

Grace is not mean, but it is also truth.


We can live in bits of the old covenant or all of it and still be graced with blessings from God - but in drips rather than rivers. We should not think that because Jesus is blessing a ministry that is ours that He is endorsing our partial obedience and merely fractional participation in our inheritance. People can minister to others as spiritual cripples because they are ministering His life. But they remain in their spirits like people in a wheel chair, rather than possessing a robust spirit-man of spirit and life.


The new covenant replaces the law with the person of Jesus interwoven in our being. The new covenant replaces times and places - Sabbaths and temples with the trinity in you.

The new covenant - the vicarious humanity of Jesus for all humanity is not only His life instead of you. It is you in His life. You in His life in fellowship with our Father and Holy Spirit.

Here you are not only nurtured by Father in your sonship and daughtership. Your being is suffused with God’s un-polluted light. Here you are being spirit and life to things rather than attempting to draw life from them.

Arguably, Jesus was murdered because He exposed ‘lived-in lies’. There is a one letter difference between lie and life. In the new covenant you will discern the difference. In the old covenant you may not.


Cedric spent his life presenting rationalisation to ‘another gospel.’ Sadly he never entered the discernment that could have revealed that what he went in to bat for was not the Gospel of Jesus and the Apostostles.

Old covenant Believers have the gift of ultra-poor discernment. Union with God is our key to weaving sound theology and possessing spiritual discernment. Don’t expect to flourish in this gift if you are still restrained in a law-mindset. This separates us from God so that our perceptions are fogged. Woeful theology and adherence to ‘other’ gospels is the result of separation and the cumulative effect of these other gospels themselves. This is why Paul warns that other gospels are a curse. Don’t be among those who believe they are examples of a variation in Christian doctrine, when what they have is another gospel entirely.

As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God's curse!’
Gal 1.9 NIV. This is not the effect of any malice on God’s part. It’s the natural result of living in the culture and spirit of non-life.