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In Australia in recent times, we have had politicians who have said ‘No!’ to many kinds of progress. Significantly when they got into government it turned out that they had no policies of note, other than making life harder for the less, well off and easier for the self-entitled.

Some people can be relied on to have a bizarre view on any issue that comes to their attention. They are not un-intelligent but they can be relied on to possess a niggardly, fearful attitude to anything that involves change.


I knew a man once who said ‘No’ to almost everything. He was a miser and his life revolved around ‘hanging on to his stuff.’ Unsurprisingly he was also a bigot with a ‘letter box’ view of life.

Jesus is an open door in more ways than one. He is the door to vision and life. He announced Himself as bringing us ‘Life to the full.’ Paul asserted that our life in God was not ‘Yes and No,’ but ‘Yes!’ Genuine life always starts with a ‘Yes.’ Unless we have a positive attitude, we are not able to learn what we must eventually say ‘No’ to. Richard Rohr notices that,


“The great teachers are saying that you cannot start seeing or understanding anything if you start with “No.” You have to start with a “Yes” of basic acceptance, which means not too quickly labelling, analysing, or categorizing things in or out, good or bad. You have to leave the field open.

The ego seems to strengthen itself by constriction, by being against, or by re-action, and it feels loss or fear when it opens up. Spiritual teachers want you to live by positive action, open field, and conscious understanding, and not by resistance, knee-jerk reactions, or defensiveness. This is not easy: it often takes a lifetime of work and honest self-observation to stop judging or starting with “no.”” (1)


There is a ‘thing’ against ‘discrimination’ in society today. Yet the ability to discriminate separates those who walk in confusion from those who walk with understanding.

Leaders can present themselves as leaders to the non-discriminating by being dogmatic and presenting issues in black and white. There are black and white issues but not the ones blind leaders of the blind proclaim. Lies always bring fragmentation, decay and death. The worst lies are spiritual distortions that cripple the soul and dull the spirit in the name of truth.

Jesus was the greatest spiritual teacher ever. Significantly He lived from His Father and never from the law. He lived in the Spirit of sonship and was the Spirit of Sonship. Jesus is both light and life. Jesus lived a ‘Yes’ life which is why he conquered death in all its forms.

By living His life – a life in which He expresses Himself as us we become one with life and truth. We live joyously as live persons in whom there is no guile. Which is to say we are not pushing some agenda in the name of God. Rather we are a mouthpiece of God because we are a daughter or a son in spirit and in truth. We live in spirit and in truth when realize that ‘I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. We live in varying degrees of confusion when becalmed in the old covenant and the law.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See (pp. 49-50). The Crossroad Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.