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We live in an austere world. Our joy is to be ourselves and the bent of the world is to make us someone else.


The culture of the Deceiver is to imply that we are not Ok and that we must spend our lives in the attempt to be something else. The intent of Jesus is to assure that you are Ok, that your design came from God and that you have been redeemed to reveal the glory of who you are as the self, Jesus conceived you to be, before the foundation of the world.

The intent of the evil one is to get us to ‘do a list’ to gain the illusion that we are Godly. The plan of Jesus is to live in you and become you so that you are Godly.

This is why, the law and even ‘Christian Living’ is not our life and why Christ is our life.

Advancing from glory to glory is not making abstract religious improvements to the self. Nothing as dull as that. It’s becoming day by day who you are in Jesus. We become slave of religion in the law and sons of God in Christ our life.

‘To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory’ Col 1.27 NIV.


People can attempt to mould us with malice as in manipulation and bullying. Or they can attempt it innocently because that’s the kind of people they are. Or because they are a Father who needs a second chance at life through you. Or a mother who lives from fear and trepidation as a way of life so that protecting you is her way of protecting herself.

Then there is the church person who wants to make everyone’s ministry a clone of themselves and the missional advocate whose sense of mission is entirely religious. Religious because it is uninformed of the new covenant, the incarnation and the gifts of Holy Spirit and is basically a need to institutionalise everyone.


Some cultures live wooden lives because they view their god-relationship through the lens of the law. This means they have no category to describe life in the Spirit, so they define the spirit as emotionalism. They are amongst the most wooden of Believers.


The law of sin and death is the culture that flows from Adam. It’s the secular world and the religious culture of law and old covenant mindsets. The law of the spirit of life is Christ our life – incarnation through and through.

Unless those with whom we associate are the manifestation of Jesus rather than the emblematic representative of religion or the law, our development as sons and daughters of God will be problematic.


When Christ is our life and we personally and as a church are incarnated with the trinity, our community life becomes the church built without human hands and what we call ‘the church’ becomes relationship rather than a hierarchy of abstract roles in the letter that kills. Some churches and some denominations are a manifestation of the letter. Our inheritance is to be a manifestation of the trinity.


There is a model for this. It’s the trinity. If more churches were ‘Holy Trinity’ in fact rather than in name, the Kingdom of God would be much further ahead than it is. The persons of the trinity are distinct, unencumbered or suffocated by the expectations of the others, yet enhanced and precipitated into themselves by each other. The trinity in us is the foundation of the trinity as the church which is genuine manifestation of the Kingdom of God.


But to be a human being who is a son in more than in name, we must permit ourselves to be rather than just do. Ants are good ‘doers’ but they are only ants. Humans have body, soul and spirit. Fruitful ‘doing’ which is activity that overflows with spirit and life is ours when our being is that of the sons and daughters of God.


We are not the mindless masses or passive religious consumers. We have the agency of sons and our fruitfulness and glory comes from imparting spirit and life as our unique selves. Incarnated with the trinity all our externalities are alive with spirit and life because we are alive in Christ.

“The official church has invariably kept mystics, hermits, charismatic types, and “prayer people” at arms’ length — at least until they have been dead for a hundred years and can be sanitized. I understand this, because their experiences usually cannot be packaged for mass consumption. In fact, I am convinced that most of the major beliefs and doctrines of the Christian churches can be understood, relished, and effectively lived only by nondual consciousness, by contemplatives, by people who know how to be present to the naked and broad now”. (1)

Rohr is saying that we can learn to be present to God without assumptions and encumbrances that confuse and dim The Reality that is trying to make itself known to us. As we embrace the art of simply ‘being’ in God’s presence, we will bask in the revelation of who God is and enjoy the continuing adventure of becoming who we are. The good news is that the presence of God is where you are.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See (pp. 37-38). The Crossroad Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.