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If we know the difference between living religion and living in God we are blessed with spirit and life. Meister Eckhart wrote, ‘Theologians may quarrel, but the mystics of the world speak the same language.” What language is this? It’s a lived union with God. This is the inheritance of all. Not for an elite, not to be earned but to be lived by all, because it is ours. Without ‘oneness’ the gifts have no root and anointings are a spent force. Spirit and light flow through the Believer who is joined to the trinity in Jesus Christ.


The Arrival of the Star signalled the beginning of the reign of The Light of the World who is with us and in us. By the cross, the knowledge of good and evil was undone. False knowledge of God and godliness was brought to a halt and the genuine revelation of who God is and who we are was portrayed in Jesus Christ.


It still is. Holy Spirit is active in revealing the Christ of God to hearts who choose to know. The key to knowing God, knowing you and simply ‘knowing’ without delusion is found in the Light of the world and in having ‘one husband.’ The
pure in heart see God as God is because they have one God. The double-minded see what they want to see and live in confusion. One need not be a wicked person to revere a false gospel or a false christ. Just a person who thinks it ok to be as loyal to ‘other gospels’ as they are to Christ.


Interpreting Barth, Stephen Morrison writes on knowing God,

God reveals God through God. We know God only through God and in God. Human beings cannot know God apart from God’s self-revelation: Jesus Christ. God alone knows Godself. Only by grace through faith may we participate in God’s knowledge of Godself. The subject of revelation is therefore identical with the event of revelation and the effect of revelation. God reveals Godself as the Divine “I” in threefold repetition: Revealer, Revelation, and Revealedness (i.e., the effect of revelation). We could also say Subject, Object, and Predicate; or finally, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” (1)


Most christian perversions of the truth, other gospels and partisan perspectives claiming legitimacy in the Body are some version of the corpus of lies that led to the fall – intimations that Father cannot be trusted, that humans are less than they are and that you must take it into your own hands to add something to what is already yours. The great lie is SEPARATION – the illusion that is called The Great Darkness because it is the opposite to the Light. The light that you and father are one.


The Enemy, that father of lies, is still active in lying, in seeding lies into communities and culture in the name of truth. But you can know God as God is in the Light of the World who lives in you to be your light. The pure in heart can know God as God is. Meister Eckart wrote, ‘For the person who has learned to let go and let be, nothing can ever get in the way again.’ Jesus urged us, to ‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20.

(1) Morrison, Stephen D.. Karl Barth in Plain English (Plain English Series Book 1) (p. 25). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.