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In the new covenant, we are not juxtaposed to religion or righteousness. We are not even near Christ. We are one with Him. When Christ is our life we are life and we are righteousness. The incarnated life is non-dualistic.

If we are to love the world, meaning the earth, the people and the biosphere, we need to love in the love of God. When Christ is our life we become love and grace. We impart His healing life to everything we touch.

This life does not come out of the Bible. It comes from Christ as the expression of us.

This love is personal, communal and real. It is costly too. That there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus is a fact. It is a fact that is the foundation of our salvation and the engine of the new creation. Lack of condemnation* was won by Jesus enduring condemnation. It entailed pain and sacrifice: The cross. God (the trinity) was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. But the fact that there is no condemnation in Jesus is not an excuse to be the possessor of dumb ideas, otherwise known as false facts.

We are able to love with God’s love as we invite Jesus to be our life and love others through us.


If we would genuinely love life, Christ must be our life, so that the life of God – meaning His love - has become us. This is how the ‘I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ works. If we remain in any way connected to the law, we will be insulated from Christ. He will not be our life in the John 14.20 sense. We will be notionally attached to Christ but our being will be one with the law and judgement.


The use of a ‘law lens’ can attach us to abstractions which means that we relate to an ideology, rather than a personal Christ. This semi-deism limits our ability to participate spontaneously in praise and worship and pushes us to talk about the song, its composition etc. In true praise and worship we are the song. No dualism when Christ is our life.

We will never get to love by attempting ‘to do the fruits of the Spirit. They are called ‘fruits’ because they are the expression of Jesus as us – as our person.


If we are in any way a creature of the law, we may present as a gracious non-judgmental person, but the heart of our being will be formed in judgment. But not necessarily of the nasty kind. Fastened in law it will judge the reality of Christ our life as insufficient. In the knowledge of good and evil we are addicted to wrong-judgment.

At the pre-conscious level the disjunction between us and Christ will exclude the believability of Christ our life, maintain our position in the old covenant, rationalise Adamic separation as the norm. This mindset will oppose the possibility of Christ being entirely our life. It will oppose it in favour of a cocktail of religion and assorted legalisms. Such a heart will oppose the baldness of Christ plus nothing as our life and make a pact with religion.


With the mind of Christ we are able to love life and love life enough not to tolerate, rationalise or excuse beliefs that cripple life and dull it because they are a contradiction to the fullness that is ours when Christ Himself is our life. If it’s not ok to do nothing about a baby with a crippled finger it’s not ok to leave people in captivity to any teaching that in any way robs people of spirit and life.


The most severe inhibitor of life to the full is an addiction to our own ideas.

Richard Rohr writes, “Words and thoughts are invariably dualistic, but pure experience is always non dualistic. Think about that! Fundamentalism suffers from the same false seeing. It is basically a love affair with words and ideas about God instead of God himself or herself. But you cannot really love words; you can only think them. You cannot really love reality with the judgmental mind.” (1)


Fundamentalism can proclaim life in the Spirit yet be bound inside a bubble of the of rules. When Christ is our life we are the expression of the Spirit of life – the Spirit that Paul calls the law of the Spirit of life. We are life and we are love.

In the new covenant age not only are you and Father one. You are one with life. Life is you. You will live in spirit and life and be the expression of the fullness of life as yourself. As life to the full, you will express He who is interwoven into your being and you will love to the full. You will love the creation. Jesus healing of limbs and blind eyes is a sign, a portent and a call to be healed ourselves, to heal people, society and the earth.

* There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. But this does not save us from stupidity. We need to keep this in mind when it is our ideas and sense of entitlement that is killing the earth. Love does not kill. Love restores and fills with life.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See (p. 50). The Crossroad Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.